Eightfold Bet Calculator

What is an Eightfold Bet Calculator?

If you’ve ever placed an eightfold bet, then you will be well aware that a small price like evens can turn into a 1000/1 in the blink of an eye. This is the beauty of this much-loved bet and although the astronomical odds that an eightfold produces means that your chances of winning are higher, it is, undoubtedly, a bet that allows you to dream.

With the skyrocketing odds that an eightfold produces in next to no time, it can be challenging to work out your potential returns. However, with the help of an eightfold bet calculator, the arithmetic is done by a computer which will give you an immediate reflection of your returns.

In other words, there’s no need to get the abacus down from the loft when you can use the free online eightfold bet calculator. 

Paddy Power’s free online bet calculator dramatically simplifies any eightfold bet you might wish to make. It does this by offering four key features which include your bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions.

Along with the features, this eightfold calculator also gives you the option to select either win or place which comes in handy when betting on horses. All you need to do is input the details from your eightfold bet into the online bet calculator’s main features and before you can say goal, you will have an accurate display of your possible returns.

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Dead Heat
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How does the Eightfold Bet Calculator work?

The eightfold bet calculator works by multiplying the odds of each of your selections together to give the combined price for the bet. The combined odds are then multiplied by your stake to give the potential payout.

To get an instantaneous showing of this potential profit, you simply have to use the calculator’s key features by choosing your bet type, what odds you would like, the stake you intend to use as well as any other conditions you would like to select.

Once you have, you’ll immediately see the results calculated at the bottom of the screen.

How to use an Eightfold Bet Calculator?

Using the eightfold bet calculator is easy here at Paddy Power News. To begin with, select the type of bet you would like the calculator to work out for you, in this case, you will naturally choose eightfold. Once you’ve done that, select your preferred odds before adding your stake and whether there are any other conditions you would like the online bet calculator to include in its calculations. From there, input the odds of each of your eight selections into the calculator and you’ll then see your potential winnings displayed. 


So, let’s say you’ve picked eight different winners at the upcoming Cheltenham Festival who are all priced at 2/1 to win their particular races and you want to put a £5 stake on this happening.

To get an exact indication of your returns, you would then go onto the free online bet calculator page and select eightfold, from there, you would enter the above details while making sure you listed the odds of 2/1 in all eight boxes. Having done this, you would then see a possible return of £32,805 with a profit of £32,800 – as we initially said, this is a bet that allows you to dream.

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