Canadian / Super Yankee

Canadian / Super Yankee Bet Calculator

What is a Canadian Bet Calculator?

Before discussing exactly what a Canadian bet calculator does, it’s best to know what type of bet this is. In short, a Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, is a type of multiple bet consisting of 26 bets on five selections in different events. The bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-folds, and a five-fold accumulator. In order to win, at least two or more selections need to be successful before any payout can take place.

Now that you are up to speed, let’s give you a better understanding of what a Canadian bet calculator does and how easy it is to use.

Above all and as the name may point to, a Canadian bet calculator is a tool used to determine the potential winnings of a Canadian bet. Essentially, it takes into account the odds of each selection and calculates the total payout, including the returns from each individual bet within the Canadian bet.

In other words, you would input the odds and stake, and the calculator would then provide the exact returns based on the information you have provided. By now, you can see that with the help of the free online Canadian bet calculator, this mammoth accumulator can be quickly worked out in the blink of an eye.

Given how straightforward this calculator is to use, this will also allow you the time to easily play around with any Canadian bet equations you might want to calculate.

The Canadian bet calculator at Paddy Power News will instantly give you a crystal clear picture of how much you could potentially win when it comes to placing a Canadian bet. At first glance, you will see a few key options on the Canadian bet calculator page which consist of bet type, odds type, stake and conditions.

In addition to this, you will have the option of choosing between ‘win’ and ‘place’, which helps will give you a complete outlook on all the returns you would get after placing a Canadian bet.

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How does the Canadian Bet Calculator work?

The Canadian bet calculator at Paddy Power has many top features that help you understand just how much you could win. To start with, you will be able to instantly access an automated calculation of returns based on the odds and stakes you put in.

This process is made significantly easier given the user-friendly interface of the Canadian bet calculator and how simple it is to operate. Simply put, you only need to select the bet type, odds type, stake and conditions, as well as enter the actual odds for each selection. Once you’ve done that, you will immediately be presented with an accurate display of your potential return.

How to use a Canadian Bet Calculator?

Using Paddy Power’s Canadian bet calculator is straightforward and easy. First, select Canadian bet as your bet type and then input the odds of each selection in decimal or fractional format. From there, enter your chosen stake and whether there are any other conditions attached to your potential bet.

The reality is that Canadian bets can appear complicated but the free bet calculator at Paddy Power gives you a straightforward answer on potential winnings in a flash. Put another way, this tool is the light that you can use to shine on any equations you may have been in the dark about.


A simple example would be putting £1 down on your five selections across the Canadian bet at odds of 2/1. You would immediately see that in the event of winning, the free online bet calculator is showing potential returns of £1,008 with a profit of £982.

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