Trixie Bet Calculator

What is a Trixie Bet Calculator?

The Paddy Power Trixie bet calculator is a great way of helping you understand how much you could win from your bet. Trixie bets include four bets placed from three selections, so the calculator shows how much you would get if all or some of your bets come home.

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How does the Trixie Bet Calculator work?

There’s no need to download an online tutorial to use Paddy Power’s bet calculator. All you need to do is follow these simple instructions. First, you should know what bet type you want to place, the odds of your selections, and your stake.

Then, enter the information into to the calculator like so:

  • Bet Type: For this you need to ensure Trixie Bet is selected
  • Odds Type: Select either fractional (6/4) or decimal (2.5)
  • Stake: Amount you want to wager on your bet
  • Conditions: Choose if you want to include add any special terms such as each-way or rule 4.

As a Trixie bet is four bets across three selections, not all of your three selections have to win for your bet to be a winner. Therefore, you can adjust the win/lose/void section to lose on one of your selections to see what you stand to win or lose if one of your choices fails to succeed. If two selections lose, then the calculator will show zero, as a Trixie bet needs a minimum of two out of three of your selections to win for you to profit.

How to use a Trixie Bet Calculator?

A Trixie bet might sound complicated, but don’t worry. The Paddy Power News bet calculator will work it out for you, as it’s a superhuman tool that can work out any bet.

The Trixie bet is simply four bets made up of three selections. The four bets are three doubles and one treble. So if only two of your selections win, only one of your four bets wins – one of the doubles. The other two doubles lose, as does your treble.

Even in the event of this happening, you can still use the bet calculator to work out your winnings. This is how you would need to use the calculator:

  • Set the calculator to show the bet type as a Trixie
  • Select fractional or decimal as your favoured odds type
  • Enter the odds for your four selections
  • Add your stake amount.

If all of your selections have won, then switch the Win/Place tab to win, and this will give you the amount you stand to win if all selections win. If your bets are completed and one has lost, then switch the tab of your losing selection to lose, and you will still be able to see what you stand to win.

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