Double Bet Calculator

What is a Double Bet Calculator?

Aside from a single bet, a double bet is the easiest to understand as you are simply adding two selections onto one betting slip. For instance, let’s say you back Manchester United to beat Arsenal and Liverpool to beat Chelsea – this would constitute as a double.

It really is that straightforward but given that you’ve combined two sets of odds onto one betting slip, your price will multiply and you will stand to win more than you would if you made two single bets. But how much would I win, you ask, and how can I calculate my chosen odds before betting?

Look no further than the double bet calculator which will immediately give you a clear breakdown of your potential winnings. Essentially, this free online bet calculator will give you an instant answer with regards to how much your double bet could yield.

All you need to do is input the terms of your bet into the double bet calculator and in a flash, you’ll be presented with your possible returns.

The Paddy Power double bet calculator is extremely easy to use and only requires you to enter a few particulars before you are given an answer. The key features of Paddy Power’s online calculator are bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions.

Additionally, the free online bet calculator allows you the option to select win or place – with this feature, you can easily work out how much a double bet in horse racing could return. The bottom line is that no matter what sport you want to make a double bet on, the free bet calculator has all the features needed to give you an accurate and instant answer.

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How does the Double Bet Calculator work?

When you arrive on the free double bet calculator page, you will only need to input the particulars of your bet before you are given a display of your returns. You may ask how this online calculator is able to provide information on any potential bet.

The answer is that the double bet calculator works by determining the potential winnings of a double bet based on the odds of the two individual selections and the amount of the initial wager. The results of these calculations are instantaneous which allows you the option to play around with the calculator until you have found your ideal returns from a double bet.

If you mark the bet as a win, the calculator will take into account the different factors to tell you how much you would pocket. In those cases where you mark it as an each-way bet, a dead heat or rule 4, you’ll be asked for some more information to make the result completely accurate.

How to use a Double Bet Calculator?

To successfully use the free double bet calculator, simply enter the odds of your two selections, and the amount you want to bet, as well as any conditions attached to your selection. The calculator then calculates the potential winnings based on the odds and the stake.

Furthermore, the calculation takes into account the fact that a double bet involves two separate wagers, each of which must be successful in order for the bet to pay out. In short, merely input your particulars into the key features such as bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions, and you’ll be away. 


So let’s say you bet on Real Madrid to beat Barcelona at 2/1, and then add AC Milan to beat Inter Milan at the same odds of 2/1, once you’ve put these prices in, the bet calculator would show your double selection will now to be worth 8/1. Therefore, if you choose a £5 stake, the calculator will then display a return of £45, with a £40 profit.

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