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Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

What is a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

There is a reason that the Lucky 15 bet is one of the most popular around and that is down to the fact that only one of your selections needs to land in order for you to enjoy some sort of payout. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like making a profit? All in all, a Lucky 15 is made up of 15 bets that are of equal value on selections spread over four different events. Furthermore, the Lucky 15 bet comprises four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold accumulator. So, for all of the rewarding features of a Lucky 15 bet, there are some notable calculations that need to take place in order to work out your potential profit. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a distant relative of Einstein to do so as the free online Lucky 15 bet calculator will provide you with every imaginable permutation in a mere heartbeat.  Paddy Power’s Lucky 15 bet calculator will give you an immediate indication of how much this bet could yield. Essentially, all you need to do is input a few details before the online bet calculator is able to give you an exact figure of any possible returns that could come your way. In short, once you select your bet and odds type, enter a specific stake, and tell the calculator if there are any conditions connected to your bet by selecting options such as win or place, you will then be on your way to getting a comprehensive picture of how much a winning Lucky 15 bet could make you.

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Dead Heat
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How does the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator work?

You can use the Lucky 15 bet calculator as a tool to determine the potential returns of a Lucky 15 bet. In essence, the calculator multiplies the odds of each selection to calculate the overall odds of all 15 bets and then determines the potential returns based on the stake that you have typed in. All that you have to do to be provided with an instantaneous answer is to input the odds for each selection and the calculator will do the rest. Needless to say, it’s a lightning-quick experience that is made possible by a number of top features that the Lucky 15 bet calculator has to streamline the process. These include bet and odds type, your chosen stake, and the fact that you can also include any conditions.

How to use a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator?

Using the Lucky 15 bet calculator is remarkably easy. Once you’re at the free bet calculator page, select Lucky 15 as your bet type. You’ll then need to choose your preferred odds type as well as enter the stake you would be prepared to bet. From there, it’s all about listing any conditions that your Lucky 15 bet might have before typing in the odds of the four different selections into the boxes below. As soon as you have done that, your returns and profits will be shown.


So let’s say the four selections that make up your 15 bets are priced at evens and you would like to put £1 down on this happening. To see your potential winnings, first, select Lucky 15 as your bet type before choosing the type of odds you want. Then, confirm your £1 stake and input the odds of 1/1 into the four boxes below that represent the different events of a Lucky 15 bet. Having down that, you will see your returns at £80 with a £65 profit.

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