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Super Goliath Bet Calculator

What is a Super Goliath Bet Calculator?

A Super Goliath Bet Calculator is a useful tool that lets you see how much your Super Goliath bet can return from any wager and any permutation of winners from your selection. As one of betting’s multiples options, it’s never easy to know from the outset how much a Super Goliath bet would return if one or more selections lose. This is especially true in this case, as a Super Goliath bet features eight selections mixed up into 247 bets.

In the Paddy Power News Super Goliath Bet Calculator, you can see the many ways that your Super Goliath bet can go. Along with customisable stake and conditions options, you can use the Win/Place column to see how the returns and profits change when exact selections win and one or a few lose. For a complex wager like a Super Goliath bet, the Bet Calculator can prove to be your greatest ally.

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Dead Heat
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How does the Super Goliath Bet Calculator work?

The Super Goliath Bet Calculator works by taking your inputs for the key factors like stake, conditions, and odds, and then calculating the total returns and profits based on the outcomes that you select. As you can change the outcome for each of your selections, the Super Goliath Bet Calculator will accurately show your profits and returns for any outcome across the bet.

A Super Goliath bet is made up of 253 individual bets that come from mixtures of your eight selections. Those bets are:

  • Eight Singles
  • 28 Doubles
  • 56 Trebles
  • 70 Four-Folds
  • 56 Five-Folds
  • 26 Six-Folds
  • Eight Seven-Folds
  • One Eight-Fold.

With so many individual bets within the Super Goliath bet, working out which bets will lose and the returns that will go with them from one losing selection would take a very long time. So, the Super Goliath Bet Calculator works rapidly to save you time.

All that you have to do is input your betting selections. You can even change the odds type to make the process easier if you prefer decimal odds over fractional odds, and add in conditions like each-way betting.

How to use a Super Goliath Bet Calculator

To use the Super Goliath Bet Calculator, you need to fill in all of the areas in the window below with the same figures that reflect your placed or intended bet. Here’s exactly how to use the Super Goliath Bet Calculator in each section:

  • Bet Type: Input Super Goliath
  • Odds Type: Select either Fractional or Decimal
  • Stake: Type in your stake per bet (x253)
  • Conditions: If applicable, tick Each Way, Rule4, or Dead Heat – if not applicable, leave unticked.
  • Odds: On each of the eight lines, type in the odds of your bet
  • Conditions Column: If you selected a condition like Each Way, use the middle column to set it.
  • Win/Place: Use the dropdown for each selection to reflect what will happen if it loses, wins, places, or is void
  • Returns/Profit: These green boxes show how much you’d get if the outcomes selected above come true.

To help visualise the Super Goliath Bet Calculator in action, here’s how a simple Super Goliath bet would look on the bet calculator:

  • STAKE: 0.10
  • ODDS: 1/2, 2/1, 10/11, 1/4, 7/5, 1/1, 11/10, 21/20
  • WIN/PLACE: Win, Lose, Win, Win, Win, Win, Lose, Win
  • RETURNS: 52.48

PROFIT: 26.98.

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