Sixfold Bet Calculator

What is a Sixfold Bet Calculator?

A Sixfold Bet Calculator is Paddy Power’s online tool that automatically calculates your potential win on a Sixfold bet. The Sixfold bet is an accumulator bet based on six selections, the odds of which are multiplied together to produce one potential winning amount. All six of your predictions must come true in order for you to win the overall Sixfold bet. At Paddy Power, you can place a Sixfold bet on any of the sports we offer. These include football, horse racing, tennis, cricket and more. Visit Paddy Power to find out more about the sports, markets, and odds we offer.

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Dead Heat
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How does the Sixfold Bet Calculator work?

The Sixfold Bet Calculator at Paddy Power works by multiplying the odds of each of your selections together, and then calculating the outcome depending on the stakes you have played.

To use it, you need to decide which selections you would like to bet on and how much you’re going to place on each one. The bet calculator will do the rest of the work, combining all of the separate odds into one Sixfold bet. If you’d like to find out more information about your Sixfold bet under unusual circumstances, you can choose to add further conditions when you calculate your potential earnings. For example, you could find out the results if you played an each way bet, which means you could potentially still get a return if your selection doesn’t outright win. We also offer rule4 calculation, which covers a potential reduction of your payout in the instance that a competitor to your bet is withdrawn from the event. Finally, you can select the dead heat option to find out what your results would be in case of a tie.

How to use a Sixfold Bet Calculator?

Simply visit the Sixfold Bet Calculator at Paddy Power News, enter the details of your six selections, and click ‘calculate’ to find out the potential outcome of your bet.

The details you’ll need to give the calculator include the following:

  • The type of bet (Sixfold)
  • The type of odds you prefer (fractional or decimal)
  • The stake you’ll place
  • Any additional conditions (each way, rule4, dead heat)
  • Paddy Power’s odds for each of your selections.

To choose your selections, visit Paddy Power and browse the sports that we offer. On each individual page, you’ll be able to see which markets you can bet on and what the odds for each selection are currently.

Once you’ve decided which sports and markets to bet on, note down the odds for six of your chosen selections. Now, you can enter them into the Sixfold bet calculator and discover what you could potentially win, depending on the stake you place.

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