Accumulator Bet Calculator

What is an accumulator bet calculator?

An accumulator bet (acca) is a popular option with sports bettors because it’s straightforward and simple to get to grips with. Basically, it’s a type of bet where a single bet slip has four or more selections on it.

The appeal for punters, when it comes to accumulator betting, is that this option is a quick way to drive up value and potentially win a handsome profit for a comparatively low stake. However, when combining four or more bets, as you do in an accumulator bet, you will need all of them to land in order to win your bet. Essentially, the greater the odds, the greater the reward when it comes to accumulator betting. 

As you can imagine, when you string four or more bets together on one slip, the odds can increase sharply, which is why an accumulator bet calculator becomes very handy when weighing up your options.

As the name suggests, this calculator will assist you in working out your potential winnings and will give you the chance to experiment with different outcomes. You simply need to enter the amount you like to bet against the odds you have selected.

The accumulator bet calculator here at Paddy Power News will provide you with immediate clarity on how much you could potentially win. When you log onto the free online bet calculator, you will be presented with four simple options that will determine your returns. These are:

  • Bet type
  • Odds type
  • Stake
  • Conditions

Additionally, you will have the benefit of using the win or place option if you wish to calculate a horse racing accumulator. Otherwise, all you need to do is select accumulator as your bet type and then fill in the three remaining options. Once you have, the calculator will instantly work out the potential returns and profit for you.

Each Way
Dead Heat
# Odds Win/Place
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How does the accumulator bet calculator work?

The best way to view an accumulator bet calculator is by looking at it as the tool that simplifies the numbers on your acca bet slip. Any odds on an accumulator bet slip can, of course, seem like a foreign language but the free bet calculator helps cut through the numbers to give you a simple equation of how much you could win. 

The most popular accumulators are the ones put together on a Saturday afternoon, in time for the Premier League fixtures. With that said, this free accumulator bet calculator is also ideal for working out any horse racing odds.

In short, horse racing enthusiasts can choose from the calculator’s features, which include:

  • Each way
  • Rule 4
  • Dead heat
  • Win or place options

Essentially, whatever accumulator you put together, the calculator will have the means to present you with how much you could potentially win.

How to use an accumulator bet calculator

To use the free online bet calculator successfully, you would select accumulator as your bet type, choose your odds and then enter your £5 stake. To finish, To use the accumulator bet successfully, you only need to fill in the bet type, odds type, stake, and whether there are any conditions attached to your selection. If you need to calculate a horse racing accumulator, then you will not only have a win option but also a placing one.


So, let’s say you want to build a four-way accumulator bet on four teams winning in the Premier League who are all priced at 3/1 to do so. On top of that, you intend to put a £5 stake on it happening.  you would type in the 3/1 odds in the four boxes and would then immediately see your returns set as £1280 with a profit of £1275.

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