Fivefold Bet Calculator

What is a Fivefold Bet Calculator?

A smart fivefold bet is a favourite to use during the weekend’s football fixtures as well as any horse racing event.

Although there is no restriction on sports and you can place a fivefold bet on a range of different events. The world is your oyster as you build your perfect fivefold bet.

Given that this type of bet sees your odds increase quickly as you add different selections, Paddy Power’s fivefold bet calculator is on hand to help you keep on top of any potential returns.

You may also want to play around with a few equations before committing to a fivefold bet and again, this is where the free online bet calculator will give you a clear understanding of what you could win should all five of your selections be successful.

Paddy Power’s free online bet calculator is designed to slice through the numbers to present you with a simple equation of your returns and profit. Yes, a page of confusing odds can be overwhelming but the fivefold bet calculator immediately provides clarity on any possible permutations. In particular, Paddy Power’s fivefold bet calculator will allow you to access key features which will shine a light on your bet. These features include bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions. You will also have the option to select win or place, enabling you to get an exact calculation of any horse racing fivefold bets you might want to build.

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How does the Fivefold Bet Calculator work?

The fivefold bet calculator is used to calculate the potential winnings of your five-selection accumulator bet. Essentially, the free online fivefold bet calculator takes into account the odds of each selection and then calculates the total odds for all five selections combined. All you would have to do is enter the details of your fivefold bet into the calculator’s top features which include bet type, odds type, stake, and of course, other conditions. Once you have added the particular odds you want to bet on into all five boxes, the online bet calculator will then calculate the potential winnings should all five of your selections be correct.

How to use a Fivefold Bet Calculator?

The good news is that there is nothing at all difficult about using a fivefold bet calculator. All you need to do is make your selection in the self-explanatory feature options which will ask you for the bet type – which will be fivefold in this instance.

From there, choose your preferred odds and the stake you would be happy to bet, followed by any conditions you would like the free online bet calculator to calculate. Lastly, you will need to pit your chosen odds into the five boxes.

Upon completion, you will see your potential returns and profit automatically calculated at the bottom of the screen. 


So let’s say you’ve chosen five teams to win in the midweek Champions League games who are all priced at 5/4, and you intend to put down a £5 stake on this taking place. To work out what your potential fivefold winnings could be, simply go to the free online bet calculator. Once there, select fivefold and type in the 5/4 winning odds from all five fixtures into the five boxes, and then select a £5 stake. You’ll instantly see that your return would be £288.33 with a profit of £283.33.

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