Yankee Bet Calculator

What is a Yankee Bet Calculator?

A Yankee bet is one of many multiple bets that you can place from a bet slip with several selections, and the Yankee Bet Calculator is here to help you work out the odds and returns from a Yankee bet.

This can be very helpful to you as Yankee bets are made up of several permutations. The four selections in the bet are then built out into 11 separate bets. This includes a four-fold, four trebles, and six doubles. With a Yankee bet, you’ll be placing the same wager down 11 times. Using our Yankee Bet Calculator, you can quickly input everything that you need to work out your Yankee bet’s returns and odds. By using the four input options of the Yankee Bet Calculator, the odds input, and the result dropdowns, you can easily see what your Yankee bet will return. This goes for all four selections winning, three winning, or just one coming in on your Yankee bet.

Each Way
Dead Heat
# Odds Win/Place
1 @**@ /

How does the Yankee Bet Calculator work?

The Yankee Bet Calculator works by using the bet type, odds type, stake, and win/place inputs that you use to show you an exact profit and returns sum, regardless of how many of your selections win.

As a Yankee bet is made up of 11 individual bets, the Yankee Bet Calculator has to run the odds on all 11 combinations of your selections to find total outcome returns. This includes when you change an outcome from a win to being a place or loss. Whenever you change one of these top options or the odds in the slip, the returns and profit boxes below the Yankee Bet Calculator will automatically change to be accurate to the odds, stake, and outcomes presented.

How to use a Yankee Bet Calculator

To use the Yankee Bet Calculator, you need to adjust all of the options at the top of the tool and within the bet slip.

Use the bet type bar to select ‘Yankee’ and then change the odds type to fit your preference. Next, input your stake per bet (x11), the conditions (if applicable), and then your odds for each selection in the slip below.

Further conditions and bet mechanics can be added to the bet slip through the Conditions bar. Tick the Each Way, Rule4, or Dead Heat boxes to add these rules to the slip below. Then, change the new column’s options as needed to replicate your Yankee bet.

At the base of the Yankee Bet Calculator, you’ll then see the potential returns and profit if all of your selections come in. You can also see the potential returns and profit should any of the selections lose or place by changing the dropdowns in the Win/Place column.

As an example of a straightforward Yankee bet going into the Yankee Bet Calculator:

  • BET TYPE: Yankee
  • ODDS TYPE: Fractional
  • STAKE: 2.00 (22.00 Total Stake)
  • CONDITIONS: All Unticked
  • ODDS: 1/1, 1/3, 5/4, 21/10
  • WIN/PLACE: Win, Win, Win, Lose
  • RETURNS: 32.33, PROFIT: 10.33

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