Patent Bet Calculator

It can sometimes take a maths genius to work out your winnings from a wager with Paddy, but, as ever, we aim to please our punters and make life a little bit easier. Our free bet calculator saves you the task of remembering your times tables, instead giving you instant results at the touch of a button. With so many bet types available on all of our markets, it can sometimes be confusing as to which bets result in the greatest returns for your selections. We have also got you covered on this score, providing you with all of the info you need for the most common bet types.

What is a Patent Bet Calculator?

A Patent is a popular betting choice for those that fancy three selections but want more bang for their buck than a simple treble. A Patent requires three selections for your betting slip, but as well as a treble, it also includes three singles and three doubles.

So that’s seven bets all rolled up into one. With seven bets included, this will mean that whatever stake you wish to place will be multiplied by seven. Simply put, if you wager £1, your total Patent bet will cost you £7. Another reason that makes the Patent a popular bet amongst Paddy’s punters is the fact that not all of your selections need to win to collect a return. If just one selection wins, the singles have you covered, two out of three winners mean the doubles come into play, whilst if all three selections win you get the whole lot.

Each Way
Dead Heat
# Odds Win/Place
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How does the Patent Bet Calculator work?

Obviously picking three potential winning selections is the hard part, but calculating your winnings with Paddy’s Patent Bet Calculator couldn’t be easier.

First of all, select which form you would like to see your odds, whether it be fractional or decimal. Next up you choose what your stake is going to be, keeping in mind that this stake will be multiplied by seven to form your Patent.

If you are an e/w player you can select that option, or move to the next and most important part. You now need to enter the odds of your three selections and select whether your pick has won, lost, or that particular bet is void.

If you have selected an e/w bet you will have to enter whether the selection has won/placed/lost, and also enter whether the race in question was 1/4 off the odds or 1/5 of the odds for a place. You can also select if there is a Rule 4 change or Dead Heat involved in the result. If one of your picks comes back as a void bet then your money will be returned to you.

How to use a Patent Bet Calculator

A Patent can be used with most sports but is especially popular with horse racing betting. The Patent is probably not a betting type for those that prefer to back short-priced favourites, as if one selection loses the returns on any other winning pick will be very low.

In contrast, selections with larger odds can result in a decent return. Now, start studying Paddy’s racecards, use our Patent Calculator to discover your winnings, and get on.  

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