Treble Bet Calculator

What is a Treble Bet Calculator?

Paddy Power’s’ treble bet calculator’s key features enable you to receive an instant answer on how big your profit could be from a treble bet. The treble bet is one of the all-time favourites: all you have to do is combine three different selections onto one bet slip and you have yourself a treble bet. If all three selections win, you get paid.

Working out your potential winnings can be a little less straightforward, as the odds exponentially go up when added onto one bet. This is where the treble bet calculator comes in. From an odds-on treble to your shoot-for-the-stars treble, the free online bet calculator will immediately give you an answer on what you might win. Chiefly, this is down to the main options that include bet type, odds type, stake, and whether there are any conditions involved with your bet. What conditions essentially mean is that if you’re putting a bet on horse racing, you will also have the chance to select win or place when working out your possible returns on the free online treble bet calculator.

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How does the Treble Bet Calculator work?

The treble bet calculator is able to give you an accurate answer on any possible odds you might want to be worked out before betting. All you have to do is enter the particulars of your treble bet into the key features of the bet calculator and once you have, your potential winnings will be displayed. To be exact, you have to select your bet and odds type before deciding on a stake you would be happy to bet. Additionally, you would go ahead and select any further conditions your bet might have before inputting the odds of your three selections. That’s all it takes to successfully work the treble bet calculator.

How to use a Treble Bet Calculator?

Using the treble bet calculator is easy. First, head on to the free online bet calculator page and select your bet type,. In this instance, it would be treble. Then, choose your odds before adjusting your stake to the amount you are happy to bet. The next step involves adding any specific conditions your bet might have. Lastly, add the odds of your three treble selections into the three empty boxes.

Upon completion, you will see that the treble bet calculator has automatically given you an answer of what your potential return and profit could be.


Let’s say you have bet on Barcelona, Liverpool, and Ajax winning and all three selections are priced at 3/1. Simultaneously, you want to bet £5 on this happening. To find out how much this treble bet could return, head to the free online bet calculator page. Once there, make sure your bet type is selected as treble, and then enter the odds you prefer. From here, you would input your intended £5 stake and then finish off by typing in the 3/1 odds into the three empty boxes. Having done that, you would immediately see your possible returns as £320 with a potential profit of £315.

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