Lucky 31

Lucky 31 Bet Calculator

What is a Lucky 31 Bet Calculator?

If you’ve ever built a Lucky 31 bet then you will know that in the blink of an eye, you can be presented with high odds that could potentially return a sizable profit. Indeed, this value-packed wager is made up of 31 bets of the same value which are spread over five different events. To recap, these events are five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-folds, and one five-fold accumulator. That’s a lot to keep in mind, isn’t it? The good news is that the free Lucky 31 bet calculator is here to work out all the possible returns you could take home. In other words, you just have to inform this powerful calculator of a few details before it immediately presents you with your potential profit margins.  With Paddy Power’s Lucky 31 bet calculator, there is no need to strain your brain muscles as you attempt to calculate the individual odds of 31 different bets before multiplying them by a stake you had in mind. Instead, thanks to the key features of this free online bet calculator which includes options for bet and odds type, your stake, and whether there are any further conditions the calculator should take into account before crunching the numbers, you will have the possible returns of your Lucky 31 bet presented to you in a flash.

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How does the Lucky 31 Bet Calculator work?

The Lucky 31 calculator takes the odds of each five selections and returns the potential payouts based on the size of the stake. That is the short version of how the calculator works, but it is the information that you feed into the online bet calculator that ultimately provides the show of potential winnings. This is chiefly down to the features of the online free bet calculator which lets you choose your bet and odds type while giving additional options that let you input your stake as well as add any conditions involved with your Lucky 31 bet. Needless to say, this is especially handy as the Lucky 31 bet is incredibly popular with horse racing enthusiasts which means that the win and to place options on the bet calculator mean that any permutation can also be instantly worked out.

How to use a Lucky 31 Bet Calculator?

Learning how to use the Lucky 31 bet calculator is incredibly simple here at Paddy Power News. To get the process started, first head to the free bet calculator page and then select Lucky 31 as your bet type. Now that the calculator knows which bet you want to have worked out, go ahead and select your preferred odds type and enter a stake you are happy to bet. Now, if there are any particular conditions that your Lucky 31 bet has, input them into the available options offered by the online calculator. To end off, simply add the odds of the five selections that make up your 31 bets into the five boxes designated for odds. When you’re finished doing that, you will immediately see your possible profit displayed. 


So let’s say your five selections which represent your 31 bets are all priced at 2/1 each and you are prepared to bet £1 on them all landing. You would begin by selecting your bet type as Lucky 31. Having then chosen your odds type, you would confirm your stake by typing in £1. To finish off, you would make sure all five boxes which make up your five selections, had the aforementioned 2/1 odds listed in them. Upon doing that, you would see your return at £1023 with a profit of £992.

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