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Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

What is a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator?

Working out your potential earnings from a Lucky 63 bet certainly requires a significant amount of grey matter. A Lucky 63 is, after all, made up of 63 bets of the same value on selections spread over six different events. If you need a reminder, these events are six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds, and one six-fold accumulator. As initially touched on, keeping track of all the moving parts of a Lucky 63 in a bid to calculate your possible returns is no mean feat. The good news is that you don’t have to, thanks to the Lucky 63 bet calculator which automatically calculates your profits once you key in a few details.  The Lucky 63 bet calculator at Paddy Power News will immediately give you an accurate display of your potential earnings, taking the hassle out of doing the calculations yourself. All you need to do is input the particulars of your bet into the free online bet calculator and it will then proceed to do all the heavy lifting for you. You might ask how this is possible given the complexity of a Lucky 63 bet? The answer is that the online bet calculator at Paddy Power has four key features which include bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions – the latter accounts for a win or place bet in horse racing. In essence, once you have provided the necessary feedback to these four sections and then inputted your odds from the six different events, the Lucky 63 calculator will give you an instant answer on how much you could win.

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How does the Lucky 63 Bet Calculator work?

The Lucky 63 bet calculator is a tool you can use to determine the potential returns of any Lucky 63 bet you are thinking about placing. The online bet calculator works by multiplying the odds of each six events and then calculates the total return if all selections were to be successful. When put like that, it sounds easy, doesn’t it? The truth is that using this online bet calculator is an incredibly streamlined process that ultimately focuses on receiving a small amount of information before doing its magic. This information centers around your bet type, your preferred odds, the stake you intend to bet, and whether there might be any additional conditions involved with your bet. Once this data has been submitted, you will be provided with an immediate display of your returns.

How to use a Lucky 63 Bet Calculator?

There is no trick when it comes to learning how to use a Lucky 63 bet calculator. To get started, head to the free bet calculator page and select your bet type, in this case, it will be Lucky 63. From there, choose your preferred odds type and then enter a stake you would potentially like to bet. At this stage, add any conditions you would like the Lucky 63 bet calculator to register before it starts calculating. To finish, key in the odds into the six boxes that represent your various selections. Upon completion, an answer on your possible profit will be immediately provided by the Lucky 63 bet calculator.


So let’s say all of your six selections that make up your 63 bets are priced at odds of 2/1 and you would like to bet £1 on them all winning. To get an accurate display of your returns, select your bet and odds type before confirming your stake of £1. Then, input the 2/1 odds in the six boxes which represent the six different events you are betting on. In this example, when you have finished that, you will see a potential return of £4095 being indicated with a profit of £4032 shown.

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