Fourfold Bet Calculator

What is a Fourfold Bet Calculator?

A fourfold bet is another popular accumulator that has the potential to reward you with a handsome profit. As the name suggests, you pick four different selections in separate events. To win, you need all four of your picks to land if you are to receive a payout.

The kicker is that when it comes to longer odds, you naturally earn higher returns. Calculating these greater odds can be fun but also confusing which is why there is a specialized fourfold bet calculator available for you to use.

Every time you want to see the potential payout that a particular fourfold bet could return, use the free online bet calculator to do all the heavy lifting for you.

The fourfold bet calculator at Paddy Power News provides an easy way of calculating every type of imaginable equation. From the straightforward bet to the shoot for the moon fourfold bets, this free tool can present you with an instant display of your returns.

When you arrive on the main page, you will see a few of the main features that help the calculator determine your returns, all you need to do is key in a few details. These features include the bet type, odds type, stake, and whether there are any conditions attached to your bet. Horse racing enthusiasts will also benefit from the win or place option which the fourfold bet calculator also offers. This helpful tool has all the options that are required to give you an accurate sum of your possible winnings.

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How does the Fourfold Bet Calculator work?

The Fourfold bet calculator at Paddy Power is a tool that calculates the potential winnings of a four-selection accumulator bet.

Using it is simple as you only need to input the odds of each of the four selections and then the calculator will return the total odds and potential winnings if all four selections were to be successful.

This calculation is based on the principle of multiplying the odds of each selection together to get the total odds of all four selections winning. The combined odds are then used to calculate the potential winnings by multiplying them by the stake placed on the bet.

You might ask how such a complex theory can be so quickly calculated. It’s all to do with the simple features that help feed the calculator with the information it needs to give you an instant answer. Indeed, once you select your bet type, odds type, stake amount any specific conditions, you simply need to add the odds into the four boxes to directly see your potential returns displayed at the bottom of the screen.

How to use a Fourfold Bet Calculator?

Using the fourfold free online bet calculator is very easy and only requires you to submit a few details before you can look at your returns. To begin with, select your bet type, in this case, it would be fourfold.

Once you’ve done that, continue to pick your preferred odds before deciding on the stake you would like to bet. To finish, apply any specific conditions that your bet might have before typing in the individual odds into the four boxes.

As soon as you’ve done that, there’s no need to click calculate, as the bet calculator would have already produced a sum of your possible winnings. 


Let’s say would want to bet on four different teams winning in Spain’s La Liga, and all of these clubs are priced at 2/1 to end the match as the victors. Additionally, you intend to bet a £5 stake on this happening.

To get a clear answer of what you could walk away with, select the fourfold bet type, and your preferred odds, and then add your £5 stake. From there, add the 2/1 odds of your four choices in the four boxes. You will now see your return at £405 with a profit of £400.

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