Sevenfold Bet Calculator

What is a Sevenfold Bet Calculator?

Paddy Power’s sevenfold bet calculator shows you what your potential winnings will be on a bet that contains seven selections in an accumulator. This is a great addition to your betting armoury, as it allows you to work out your potential winnings instantly and adjust your stakes accordingly. The sevenfold bet calculator is so intelligent that it can calculate all bet types available on the Paddy Power News website. This means that as well as your sevenfold accumulator, you can also use it for each-way sevenfolds, Heinz bets, Lucky 63 bets and more. Simply use the drop-down to see which bet types we offer.

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How does the Sevenfold Bet Calculator work?

The sevenfold bet calculator is very straightforward to use, so you’ll no longer need to borrow your Granddad’s abacus to find out how much you could win on your accumulative bet. To get the most out of the calculator, you’ll need to add the following details:

  • Odds Format: Start off by selecting your format, e.g. fractional (5/2) or decimal (3.50)
  • Stake: This is simply the amount you wish to place on your bet. You need to enter this to determine how much you could win
  • Conditions: Decide whether you want to make your bet each way, or add any other special features.

As well as to find out your potential win, you can also use the sevenfold bet calculator to work out winnings on a bet that has already been completed. This even works if one of your selections has been voided. In this case, the calculator would work out your winnings with your stake returned, as long as the rest of your bet has still won. Whatever you tell the bet calculator, it will show you potential results. You can change the filter to each-way, and there is even a filter for a dead heat or rule 4. It can’t make you a cup of tea though!

How to use a Sevenfold Bet Calculator?

You don’t need to be a genius to use Paddy Power’s sevenfold bet calculator, but you do need to be accurate. Put the wrong figures in, and you might regret booking that holiday to Dubai.

An easy example of how to use the calculator is:

  • Make sure the calculator is showing the bet type as a sevenfold
  • Choose your odds type, fractional or decimal
  • Enter the odds on your seven selections
  • Place your stake amount.

You can now see how much you stand to win if all of your selections come in. This allows you to lower or raise the stakes depending on the amount you’d like to win versus the risk.

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