Single Bet Calculator

What is a Single Bet Calculator?

A Single Bet Calculator is a quick and easy way of working out your potential winnings from a straightforward single win or each-way bet. Yes, you could go through the trouble of trying to work it all out for yourself, but why grab a pen and paper when our Single Bet Calculator can do the work for you? We love to make life easy for all our customers, and there is nothing easier than our Single Bet Calculator. We are generous to a fault here at Paddy Power News, so, of course, it is also completely free to use. Free to use and easy to use, what’s not to like?

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How does the Single Bet Calculator work?

There is no mechanical genius behind our Single Bet Calculator. If you have made your selection for having a single bet and have taken advantage of our generous prices, then we can let you know your potential winnings at the touch of a button.

Similar to your run-of-the-mill bet calculator, our free Single Bet Calculator processes the odds on your selection and lets you know how much you will pocket if your bet comes in. It is also a great way of calculating an e/w bet, whether it be 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds for a place result.

There is also the added bonus of being able to find out what will happen to your winnings if the race ends in a dead heat, a horse is withdrawn at the start causing a Rule 4 change, and if the bet should become void for any reason. The Single Bet Calculator helps to take the confusion which occurs when it comes to any of these race conditions kicking in. A few single steps can take the worry over what effect these will have on your returns.

How to use a Single Bet Calculator

Using Paddy’s Single Bet Calculator couldn’t be easier, and a single bet is the most straightforward wager of them all. There are just a few simple steps to take before the Single Bet Calculator can let you know how much you can potentially pocket.

First up you need to decide which odds type you prefer to use, whether it be fractional or decimal. Next up you need to enter how much you wish to stake on your selection, then select whether you wish to have a win or e/w bet.

For an e/w bet, you need to enter whether the race in which your selection is running is paying out 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds for a placed result. You can also find out what effect a rule 4 or dead heat will have on your profits by clicking on the condition.  Now you need to enter the generous odds that Paddy has offered on your selection, confirm if you have won/placed/lost, and our free Single Bet Calculator will tell you how much profit your bet has made and your total return.

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