What is a Patent Bet?

Everyone (surely) knows what a Treble is but you can win more money by going with a Patent.


We all know that putting three selections together on a bet slip gives us a Treble but did you know you can use the same selections in a system bet? Well, we call this a Patent and in this article we’ll explain more about how to place them.


What is a Patent Bet?

When you have multiple selections in your payslip, you can either back them individually, hope that they all come in on an accumulator bet, or pick a system bet. When you have three selections, you have a few options, including the all-encompassing patent bet.

What is a Patent bet?

A Patent bet is a form of multiple or system bet that you can place when you have three selections in your bet slip. The Patent bet lets you bet on every possible outcome and combination from your selection in one easy stake. Whatever amount that you put down as your bet gets divided equally across all of the combinations.

How does a Patent bet work?

A Patent bet is actually seven bets that aren’t reliant on each other. So, even if one or two of your selections doesn’t come in, you’ll get a return. When looking to answer the question of what is a Patent bet, it’s best to say that it’s seven bets that cover all of the possible singles, doubles, and trebles from your three selections.

If you wager seven coins on a patent bet, what you’re really doing is placing one coin on three singles, three doubles, and one treble. However, the option to place the Patent bet makes the process much faster than inputting each potential combination into the bet slip after placing each wager.

How do I calculate a Patent bet?

Now you know what a Patent bet is, you may wonder how to calculate a Patent bet. The maths is quite simple – to work out your wager per bet, you need to divide your stake by seven as an equal sum will be placed on every possible combination.

As for the returns, you’ll need to work out the odds for each of the seven bets. Here’s an example of how a patent bet works:

  • Selection A: 17/20
  • Selection B: 6/5
  • Selection C: 15/8.

With a seven-coin bet and these three sets of odds as your selection, you’re looking at the following bets and potential returns, including the bet:

  • Single A (17/20): 1.85
  • Single B (6/5): 2.20
  • Single C (15/8): 2.88
  • Double A+B (3.07/1): 4.07
  • Double A+C (4.32/1): 5.32
  • Double B+C (5.33/1): 6.33
  • Treble A+B+C (10.7/1): 11.70.

If all three of your selections win, your seven-coin stake will return 34.35 coins. Of course, the treble alone would return 81.9 coins with the same wager. However, you don’t get the insurance that a patent bet provides. You don’t need all seven of the patent bet’s combinations to win to get a return.

What sports can I place a Patent bet on?

You can place a patent bet on any sport that has open betting markets. Horse racing, football, ice hockey, and even table tennis selections can make up a patent bet.

Sometimes, you can’t mix certain markets if you want to place a patent bet, though. If three selections in the bet slip don’t show the patent option, the markets aren’t compatible.

Greyhound Racing

How do I place a Patent bet?

Now that you know what a patent bet is, you can place one online. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the odds for three selections that you’d like to bet on;
  2. Go to the bet slip and scroll to the bottom to see all of the betting options;
  3. Click the drop down for Patent and input your total stake for the system bet;
  4. Press Place Bet to place your patent bet.

Now you know everything that you need to know about placing and calculating Patent bets. So what are you waiting for? Go and see if Patent betting suits your game.


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