All’s well at Southwell for this £15,898 sixfold winner on Monday

Six out of six! What are the chances? Well, almost 800/1 for this lucky so-and-so



Fresh off a proper battering on Saturday. we’ve taken another spanking on the nags to start the week with a sensational sixfold smashing us for over £15,000 off a £20 bet!

I wonder whether we’re really cut out for this racing game, I really do.

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One shrewd sort in Redditch rattled off six winners on the Southwell card on Monday – a punt that clocked in at odds of almost 800/1.

All six selections ran one after the other at the Nottinghamshire course and all went off at odds more than Evens. That takes bottle.

First up in the 12.25 was Le Manege Enchante, who ran in at odds of 7/4, before favourite National Anthem piped up at 9/4 half an hour later.

This punter’s picks continued to build momentum as Navajo Dawn cracked the winners enclosure in the 1.25 at 7/4, and Harbour Front made waves with a 5/4 win shorty afterwards.

Those four wins alone would’ve added up to tidy sum, but then 4/1 shot Custard the Dragon splattered all over poor old Paddy’s face by winning the 2.30  to make it five out of five with just one race to go.

Talk about having a sweat on.

Thankfully for this punter, if not for us, Forseti did the business in the last leg at 5/2 taking their winnings to five-figures for the day.

When Rule 4s were factored in due to withdrawals, the return on the six bets at for £20 totalled £15, 898.

What a stunning day’s punting. I hope they brought their wheelbarrow to collect.

So much for that New Year’s resolution to not give quite as much away to Paddy’s plucky punters. Time to start looking for coins down the sofa already.

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