European Super League Specials: Glazers out and Kroenke to sell after huge U-turn?

It's going to be one hell of a hangover for the Super League sides.


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We’ve all been there. You get together with your mates under the guise of a nice Sunday lunch and things slowly start to get a bit out of hand. You get to the point where you know you should go home and all of a sudden it’s closing time and you’ve texted all your exes while waiting in the kebab shop queue.

In this case it was a cabal of billionaires who got swept up in the good vibez, deciding that a half-arsed breakaway backed by fag-packet economics was the best idea ever concocted. What did mummy tell you about letting little Florentino influence you into making bad decisions?


And then comes Monday morning. The hangover. The regret. The furious messages from across the globe. Oh, the backlash. All of a sudden it doesn’t seem like such a great idea and all you can do is apologise if anyone was offended and move on pretending nothing happened. Still it was fun while it lasted. Super League, we hardly knew ye.

As the fallout settles on football’s nuclear war, Paddy’s trusty traders have rustled up some special bets as we try and work out what the hell is going to happen now. Will Jurgen Klopp leave Liverpool? Will the Super League still technically be a thing on Thursday? Let’s take a look.

Jurgen Klopp

At the time of writing there’s still some clubs technically in the Super League. However, we think the most likely outcome at the moment is that all the rats jump off the sinking ship before midnight on April 21st.

We also think there’s a good chance that Klopp will no longer be the manager of Liverpool at the start of the 2021/22 Premier League season. It’s less likely he’s gone before the 1st of May 2021.

The ever-popular Florentino Perez has been the pointy spearhead of this debacle and Paddy’s traders say it’s quite likely he will leave his position as Real Madrid president before the end of April. It’s a similar story Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli who has already been rumoured to be set to do the dirty and dump The Old Lady.

Talking of popular leaders, Spurs supremo Daniel Levy priced up to walk the plank but he’s been given until June 1st by the trading team. Long enough to stew on the naughty step and really think about what he’s done. Silly boy.

Most of the ire has rightly been placed at the luxurious mansion doorsteps of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke and Manchester United’s ruling Glazer family. The Americans wanted to ringfence football for the big boys and now they’ve failed we think there’s a decent chance both clubs will have new owners before the end of 2021.

*All prices are bang up to date with our snazzy widget, while in-copy odds are accurate at the time of publication but subject to change


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