Premier League Darts 2022 dates, fixtures, line-up, results & prize money

Paddy's guide to Premier League Darts 2022.


After an incredible PDC World Championship, attention turns to Premier League Darts as the world’s best slog it out for one of the most prestigious prizes in the sport.

The tournament has received a radical makeover for 2022 as each night will instead be contested as individual events before the play-offs, while the number of players has been reduced from 10 to eight. A league night will comprise quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final over the best of 11 legs.


How will the league table work then? Well, the winner on each night will bag five points, the runner-up will earn three and the semi-finalists will take home two. After 16 nights, the top four will progress to the play-offs.

Premier League Darts 2022 is set to take in nights across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands for the best part of four months before the big finale in Newcastle at the end of May. You’ll find everything you need to know about Premier League Darts 2022 including the dates in full and prize money below.

Premier League Darts 2022 Line-Up

The eight-strong field for Premier League Darts was finally announced after the Masters in Milton Keynes. Joe Cullen triumphed to seal the eighth and final spot in the competition.

Gerwyn Price is back after missing last year’s edition due to a positive coronavirus test as is World Championship runner-up Michael Smith, who failed to make the cut in 2021.

Jonny Clayton returns to defend his title, while four-time champion Michael van Gerwen will attempt to win the Premier League for the first time since 2019.

Peter Wright, who won the World Championship for the second time at the start of 2022, will attempt to break his league duck. Gary Anderson and James Wade complete the field.

Premier League Darts 2022 Dates, Fixtures & Results

Night 1: Thursday, February 3
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Jonny Clayton 6-2 Joe Cullen
Gerwyn Price 3-6 James Wade
Peter Wright 6-3 Michael Smith
Michael van Gerwen 4-6 Gary Anderson

Jonny Clayton 6-4 James Wade
Peter Wright 6-5 Gary Anderson

Jonny Clayton 1-6 Peter Wright

Night 2: Thursday, February 10
M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Peter Wright 1-6 Michael van Gerwen
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Michael Smith
James Wade 3-6 Joe Cullen
Gerwyn Price 6-3 Gary Anderson

Michael van Gerwen 4-6 Jonny Clayton
Joe Cullen 6-5 Gerwyn Price

Jonny Clayton 6-4 Joe Cullen

Night 3: Thursday, February 17
SSE Arena, Belfast

Michael Smith 3-6 Gerwyn Price
Joe Cullen 3-6 Michael van Gerwen
Gary Anderson 4-6 Peter Wright
James Wade 6-3 Jonny Clayton

Gerwyn Price 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 4-6 James Wade

Gerwyn Price 6-4 James Wade

Night 4: Thursday, March 3
Westpoint Exeter

Jonny Clayton 1-6 Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith 6-5 Joe Cullen
Gerwyn Price 2-6 Peter Wright
James Wade 6-4 Gary Anderson

Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 6-2 James Wade

Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Peter Wright

Night 5: Thursday, March 10
The Brighton Centre, Brighton

Gary Anderson 1-6 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 5-6 Jonny Clayton
Michael van Gerwen 6-5 James Wade
Joe Cullen 6-0 Gerwyn Price

Michael Smith 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Joe Cullen

Michael Smith 4-6 Michael van Gerwen

Night 6: Thursday, March 17
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Michael Smith 6-1 James Wade
Michael van Gerwen 4-6 Gerwyn Price
Gary Anderson 6-5 Jonny Clayton
Joe Cullen 4-6 Peter Wright

Michael Smith 6-4 Gerwyn Price
Gary Anderson 6-3 Peter Wright

Michael Smith 4-6 Gary Anderson

Night 7: Thursday, March 24
Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam

Peter Wright 6-5 James Wade
Gary Anderson 5-6 Joe Cullen
Jonny Clayton 6-5 Gerwyn Price
Michael van Gerwen 6-5 Michael Smith

Peter Wright 4-6 Joe Cullen
Jonny Clayton 3-6 Michael van Gerwen

Joe Cullen 6-5 Michael van Gerwen

Night 8: Thursday, March 31
Utilita Arena Birmingham

Michael van Gerwen 2-6 James Wade
Joe Cullen 6-3 Gerwyn Price
Peter Wright 6-5 Gary Anderson
Jonny Clayton 6-1 Michael Smith

James Wade 6-2 Joe Cullen
Peter Wright 4-6 Jonny Clayton

James Wade 1-6 Jonny Clayton

Night 9: Thursday, April 7
First Direct Arena, Leeds

Michael Smith 2-6 Peter Wright
Gary Anderson 0-6 Michael van Gerwen
Joe Cullen 1-6 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 6-5 Gerwyn Price

Peter Wright 3-6 Michael van Gerwen
Jonny Clayton 4-6 James Wade

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 James Wade

Night 10: Thursday, April 14
AO Arena, Manchester

Peter Wright 4-6 Gerwyn Price
Gary Anderson 2-6 James Wade
Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Jonny Clayton
Joe Cullen 6-2 Michael Smith

Gerwyn Price 2-6 James Wade
Jonny Clayton 3-6 Joe Cullen

James Wade 6-5 Joe Cullen

Night 11, Thursday April 21
P&J Live, Aberdeen

Jonny Clayton 6-2 Gary Anderson
Peter Wright 6-5 Joe Cullen
James Wade 6-5 Michael Smith
Gerwyn Price 3-6 Michael van Gerwen

Jonny Clayton 6-5 Peter Wright
James Wade 3-6 Michael van Gerwen

Jonny Clayton 6-5 Michael van Gerwen

Night 12: Thursday, April 28
3Arena, Dublin

James Wade 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
Gerwyn Price 6-3 Joe Cullen
Michael Smith 6-2 Gary Anderson
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Peter Wright

James Wade 6-1 Gerwyn Price
Michael Smith 4-6 Jonny Clayton

James Wade 6-5 Jonny Clayton

Night 13: Thursday, May 5
OVO Arena, Glasgow

Peter Wright 2-6 Gary Anderson
Jonny Clayton 6-2 James Wade
Gerwyn Price 3-6 Michael Smith
Michael van Gerwen 6-5 Joe Cullen

Gary Anderson 4-6 Jonny Clayton
Michael Smith 5-6 Michael Van Gerwen

Jonny Clayton 6-3 Michael Van Gerwen

Night 14: Thursday, May 12
Utilita Arena, Sheffield

Joe Cullen (Bye) 6-0 James Wade
Gary Anderson 4-6 Gerwyn Price

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Peter Wright
Michael Smith 6-5 Jonny Clayton

Joe Cullen 3-6 Gerwyn Price
Michael van Gerwen 6-5 Michael Smith

Gerwyn Price 6-5 Michael van Gerwen

Night 15: Thursday, May 19
The O2, London

Gerwyn Price 3-6 Jonny Clayton
Michael Smith 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
James Wade 3-6 Peter Wright
Joe Cullen 6-1 Gary Anderson

Jonny Clayton 6-4 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 1-6 Joe Cullen

Jonny Clayton 4-6 Joe Cullen

Night 16: Thursday, May 26
Utilita Arena, Newcastle

Jonny Clayton vs Gary Anderson
Joe Cullen vs Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen vs Michael Smith
James Wade vs Gerwyn Price

Play-Offs Night: Monday, June 13
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin

Jonny Clayton vs Joe Cullen
Michael van Gerwen vs James Wade

Clayton/Cullen vs Van Gerwen/Wade

Premier League Darts 2022 Prize Money

Winner: £250,000
Finalist: £120,000
Semi-Finalist: £80,000
Fifth: £70,000
Sixth £60,000
Seventh: £55,000
Eighth: £50,000
Night Winner Bonus: £10,000


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