Fallon Sherrock Investigates: Darts hero explores wacky world of fancy dress

Investigative journalism at its finest.


Teletubbies, Mr Blobby, schoolgirls and traffic cones. All things you would expect to see at the darts. But why? What drives grown men to act this way?

You wouldn’t go to the football dressed as Jesus, so why is it de rigueur at Alexandra Palace?


Who decided it was ok for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs to berate the Smurfs for sitting in the table section?

Big questions that, frankly, need answering as the legendary PDC World Darts Championship edges closer and closer.

So we thought, who better to go on a fact-finding mission than darts hero Fallon Sherrock, especially with the new trend of boozed-up blokes dressing up as her?

The Queen of The Palace is routinely serenaded by burly men riding camels stood arm-in-arm with Austin Powers and she wanted to know where the phenomenon started.

Her journey, documented in our hard-hitting video, took her to Blackpool where she also unearthed the darker side of fancy dress, meeting two darts fans who have suffered for the art.


So sit back, soak it in and remember; dress fancily safely.

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