Watch: Stone Cold Becky Lynch annihilates Ronda Rousey

Wrestling might be PG these days, but that doesn’t apply to our own Becky Lynch and she left Ronda Rousey in a heap on Raw last night…


If you missed grappling with our take on the events of Monday Night Raw, fear not because Ireland’s own Becky Lynch has given us a hell of a reason to return.

The Smackdown Women’s Champion has undergone a complete transformation since Summerslam and has morphed into a cross between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Conor McGregor to become the biggest badass in the WWE.

Despite the fact she is being framed as a ‘heel’ (bad guy to you non-wrestling lovers) in the storyline, the fans are having none of it and continue to cheer her out of the building every chance they get.

With Survivor Series coming up on Sunday (live on the WWE Network) ‘The Man’, as Lynch is now known, is scheduled for the biggest match of her career against Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and she decided to make the first strike last night.

The evening started well for Rousey as she had some strong words for Lynch at the top of the show, before swiftly taking down acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin for placing his hand on her shoulder.

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(Yes, we wouldn’t have liked to have been him either.)

Later in the night, Rousey decided to poke ‘The Man’ even further in an interview mocking her past, including a jab at Lynch’s previous job working as a cabin crew member for Aer Lingus.

Enough was enough for Lynch and she invaded the Monday Night Raw locker room to show the former UFC Bantamweight Champion who the boss really is.

Lynch left Rousey in a crumpled heap thanks to her Dis-arm-her submission and then decided to confront the rest of the Raw women’s roster in the arena. Becky’s strut to the ring would have made Vince McMahon proud and then all hell broke loose as the Smackdown women joined her to batter their Raw counterparts.

Rousey tried to make the save, but she was met with a gut-wrenching steel chair shot by Lynch and the crowd in Kansas City chanted ‘one more time’ as she continued to pummel Ronda with the chair.

Becky may have left the ring with a blood-spattered face, but that just added to her popularity with the fans as she posed right in the middle of the crowd to end the night. Thankfully, the WWE put all the action on their YouTube channel and can watch the drama for yourself below:

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