Harry Redknapp: Stop underestimating us – England can go all the way

Redknapp speaks about the Three Lions’ chances at the World Cup, Sam Allardyce and about how he wishes he’d had a chance to manage his country...


A good tournament for England would be to go all the way. People keep underestimating us, but we’ve got some good players, some of the best in the tournament.

For starters, we’ve got Harry Kane who’d get in any team in the world. Stones, Walker and Dele Alli are top players too, there’s great talent there.

Looking at the tournament so far, I haven’t seen anything or anyone who can scare us. There’s no outstanding team at this World Cup, no one you’d look at and say ‘they’re just incredible’. There’s about seven or eight teams who can win it and England are one of those for sure. I don’t know if all my money be on them, but it’s definitely not impossible.

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I would have loved to manage England

Of course, I wish I’d got the England job. At the time, it looked like I would get the post, I looked about as certain as you could be for it. I reckon I was 1/10 on with the bookmakers. it would have been nice, but it didn’t happen so you move on. Life goes on.

If an international job came knocking of course I’d listen. I’m up for it, I’m ready to go and I’m waiting for the call. Don’t get me wrong, it would’ve been nice to get the opportunity when they gave it to Roy Hodgson. But I don’t feel done over by it.

At the time I was favourite because I was managing Tottenham and we were flying, I had a great team in the Champions League. There was only me and Roy in line for it, it looked like a two-horse race and I was 1/10. That was only in the eyes of the public though, in the eyes of the people who sit on the FA Committee Roy suited them more than I did.

Sam Allardyce must be a ‘sad man’ at the moment

Gareth Southgate should stay to Euro 2020 regardless of England’s performance in Russia. You can’t keep changing your manager can you? I’m pleased with Gareth. He’s a good guy, he’s been a good player and it’s a great opportunity for him.

Maybe he thought he’d never see the chance to manage at the real top level and take charge of his country, be he’s got that now.

Sam Allardyce must be a very sad man at the moment watching the World Cup because I believe what happened to him was very harsh and unfair. I spent the week with Sam at Soccer Aid recently, he said it’s going to be a difficult few weeks for him and it’ll be tough watching it. However, Gareth’s took advantage of the situation and he’s got a great chance, I wish him all the best.

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