Make your NFL punt great again with this 7/1 treble

Week 10 is upon us and you can ‘Trump’ Paddy with this wager



You know when you sit at home and wonder ‘why is it always the third leg of my treble?’ – yeah, it happens to tipsters too.

So far, in nine weeks, we’ve had 7/1 and 5/1 winners – but out of the remaining seven weeks, six of those have been let down by a single leg.

In the slightly (adjusted) creepy words of the new President, let’s make NFL columns great again.

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Seattle (+7.5) @ New England

We all know these two teams don’t like each other. We all know that Marshawn should have run the ball.

We all know New England are the best team in football. But with the re-emergence of the best tight end not named Gronk in the league, are Seattle going to become serious contenders again?

Their offensive line struggles are obvious – I won’t deny that, but you can definitely make a case for Russell Wilson to be the mid-season MVP. While they’re not exactly running the ball down teams’ throats, there’s enough there for Wilson to utilise play-action to one of the league’s most underrated receivers in Doug Baldwin.

Both teams are making plays – Seattle have the defensive advantage and they still have the Vince Lombardi trophy-shaped chip on their collective shoulder.

I suppose it comes down to this: do I fancy New England to win by more than a touchdown? No.

Dallas win @ Pittsburgh

The Steelers were beyond abysmal last week against the Ravens. It makes very little sense to have them as favourites against a high-powered offensive line like Dallas.

While the Steelers are known for their dual threat in Antonio Brown and bulldozer Le’Veon Bell, they have to get the ball first. I can see the Cowboys going to Heinz Field and controlling the clock with their ground game.

Ezekiel Elliott has looked every bit the freak he did while at Ohio State and make no bones about it – he’s already an elite running back in the NFL. With Tyron Smith anchoring at left tackle, the Steelers may well be chasing a lead from early on in this one.

With Big Ben less than 100%, is there any guarantee he can drop back and pick off defences like we’ve grown so accustomed to him doing?

Absolutely not. Give me Jerry Jones’ boys in this one.

Cincinnati to win @ New York Giants

The Bengals are 3-4-1. The Giants are 5-3. Honestly, despite losing valuable pieces in the off-season, there’s no way I believed that these sides would be ranked where they are.

Andy Dalton is a perennial failure in the post-season, it’s not supposed to be happening this early, and the buck is about to stop with a surprise road win against the G Men.

I realise this week’s column has been me endorsing tight ends, but you cannot understate how good Tyler Eifert is. There isn’t a linebacker in the league that can come near him on a streak route in the red zone, let alone a team that don’t possess an elite linebacker.

Landon Collins will be the one to cover the man-mountain and best of luck to him.

It’s been clicking too well for the Giants of late, and going back to my baseball roots – there’s no way their record represents how good they are. For that reason, expect inconsistency.

They’ll drop games that they’re favourites in. Couple that with Cinci’s under-performance to date and this looks an under-the-radar pick to side with.

  • Treble summary: Seattle (+7.5) at , Dallas win , Cincinnati win .

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