Paddy’s making football accas even better – and easier to place than ever

Change is good. No, really, it is.


While Paddy can’t tone up your six pack, replace lost (or remove newfound) hair, or make everyone you fancy swipe right on Tinder, he can help you improve in at least one useful sense – in getting great football bets on as quickly as possible.

Yes, it’s fair to say you’ll be dazzling prospective partners on first dates for years to come with your in-depth knowledge of statistical trends and patterns across world football now that Paddy’s beefed up the data offering around football markets

New to Paddy?

How does a £/€20 bet after signing up sound?

And if Colo Colo’s sensational form in the Chilean Primera doesn’t float their boat, well I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

That’s because you can now put together a betting match made in heaven using the latest form on where every team’s last five results are displayed on our betting markets – no need to flick over to SoccerSofa or FlashFootball and their endless pop-ups anymore.

And Paddy’s desire to live his best life doesn’t stop there – if you google self-improvement, Paddy’s pic is right there… Just scroll down… and down. And click to page 154 of results…

You don’t see it? Must be cookies or something…

Either way, he’s always trying to get better at anything, and that includes helping punters getting a bet on.

So, after listening to incessant, non-stop moaning informed, experience-driven feedback he’s banged a few heads together and knocked out all the confounding kinks and grating gremlins around football betting on the site.

Or hopes he has anyway.

That means, as well as adding the form guide, he’s planted a big old football icon on the homepage so you can get to markets faster than ever.

Then, he’s put together the Top Markets feature on the coupons page, which – glorious day! – lets you switch from Match Odds to other types of markets when you’re building an acca.

In case I need to spell it out, that could mean the end of clicking and tapping in-and-out of 14 different matches when you’re building a bet – a Nobel Prize for Fiddling with Internet Doodahs for whoever had that idea.

But wait, there’s more!

He’s also made it easier to keep up-to-date on your profile with how you’re faring as part of Paddy’s Rewards Club with your qualifying bets tracked on your profile – click here to find out more.

All in all, that’s quite the upgrade – and all for free!

Now, time to update the old profile photo – while the goldchains are a definite winner, think the open-shirt to bellybutton and chest rug have had their day….

What do you think?