Odds shorten on a second EU referendum, as Brexit debate heightens

Woth Brexit on the minds of an entire continent, our number crunchers have been forced to cut the odds on the UK going to the polls yet again on the issue…


With the House of Commons in turmoil other which variety of Brexit the nation should pursue, we have slashed the odds on a second EU referendum taking place before Britain is due to leave the European Union.

Though Boris Johnson leads the charge of politicians calling for a hard Brexit this morning, there’s also a strong movement urging Theresa May to give the population a chance to change their mind on leaving the EU.

And we have cut the price on a second referendum – from 3/1 to 5/2 on the re-vote taking place before April 1st.

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The odds of Britain getting a ‘no deal’, the worst of both worlds according to many politicians, have also tumbled, to 11/10.

While, with BoJo continuing to manoeuvre against the Prime Minister, the price has also shortened on a Tory leadership vote to take place THIS YEAR – from 4/1 to 5/2.

Asked about the situation spokesman Paddy Power said: “Much like her moves in Africa, Theresa May’s Brexit plans are all over the place – and her own party is hardly in the mood for patience.

“Though BoJo’s scheming does appear to be making a leadership challenge more imminent, it’s not stemming the tide of a Brexit re-vote. Who knew that leaving a multi-billion-pound economic safety net might be a major cause of concern for the financial wellbeing for what is, ultimately, a rather small and remote island?”


11/10    Britain to get a ‘no deal’ in Brexit negotiations
5/2         A second EU referendum to be held before April 1st 2019
5/2         A Tory leadership vote to take place in 2018

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