Guido Fawkes: In your face Lib Dems! Kate Hoey is going nowhere

She's been the Vauxhall MP since 1989 and Tim Farron's party is dreaming if they think they'll overturn a 53.8 per cent majority.


In Vauxhall, the incumbent Labour MP Kate Hoey is facing a spirited campaign from the Liberal Democrats because she was one of the few Labour faces of Brexit.

The LibDems say she is the UKIP candidate because they have stood down “in the national interest.” However, because of her support for Brexit. Some anti-Brexit, Labour activists, have said they won’t vote for her because she campaigned to leave the EU.

Guido has been around the constituency and there are still plenty of Labour posters about. She has a solid majority.

The LibDems are dreaming if they think they can eat into her 53.8 per cent majority.

Labour are keeping this seat and are 1/4 to do so in Paddy Power’s constituency betting. Get in while you can.

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