Watch: Ridiculous overtime finish as hockey star swats mid-air puck to win game

NHL star Sidney Crosby might consider a few other sports if he can keep handlng flying pucks like this...


We’ve seen our fair share of ice recently, but we’re happy to see more of it when you see this kind of crazy finish.

Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby broke their 3-3 overtime tie last night in spectacular fashion, rattling a shot off the goal frame before slapping the rebound out of the air and past New Jersey’s goalie.

With the baseball season just starting, maybe Crosby could consider switching to Pittsburgh’s Pirates in the MLB over the summer if he can smack flying objects like this.

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Roger Federer couldn’t hit a volley as sweetly.

Or maybe, if the 30-year-old fancies a change of scenery, he could hop on a flight over here and pick up a hurl.

He clearly has the skills.

Just look at this goal he scored last week, where he stops another floating puck with his stick before flicking it into the net.

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