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Watch: Hockey player gets ejected for smacking official on the backside with stick

You don’t see this everyday…

To be honest we don’t watch a whole pile of ice hockey here at Paddy Tower and when we do we’re only viewing to see a good tear up.

However, that usually takes place between members of the opposing teams and not between a player and official. That’s what makes this incident on Valentine’s Day seem ever more strange.

The Anaheim Ducks were leading the Minnesota Wild 1-0 in their National Hockey League encounter when there was a face-off between the two teams. Feeling he’d been mistreated in the face-off Ducks forward Antoine Vermette preceded to slap the official high on the thigh and the lower backside with his stick as the linesman turned his back.

The act earned him an immediate ejection from the game and he’s now staring down the barrel of a 10-game suspension for his moment of madness.

It certain is a new one for us and you can watch the incident in full below:

What do you think?