Ronnie O’Sullivan says ‘yes’ to Paddy Power 147 offer and plans to give £11k to charity

Did you see the Welsh Open snooker yesterday?

‘Well no because I’m not a nightclub worker, student, prostitute or someone else who doesn’t work during the day and has time to sit around watching snooker for the afternoon’, we’ll assume you’ve responded to our rhetorical question.

That’s a pity because you missed one of the most unusual moments in the sport’s history. With Ronnie O’Sullivan on the verge of making a much coveted maximum 147 break, he opted to pot a pink instead of the very pot-able black that would have kept him on target. Here’s the video in case you think that was a filthy lie:

Afterwards Ronnie explained that it was a protest against the prize money for such an immense and rare achievement being a paltry £10,000. He hit out at the snooker’s kingman, Barry Hearn declaring that the 10 grand reward was ‘too cheap’ for such an accomplishment.

In response, Hearn labelled the Rocket as ‘disrespectful’ to the sport, something you might expect from a man with a vested interest in keeping prize money low while extracting maximum value for the TV revenue and sponsorship the players’ exploits attract.

Ever the ones to jump on an opportunity that ostensibly has very little to do with us, Paddy Power have offered to stump up a whopping £61,000 (a cheeky £1k over the Welsh Open tournament prize money) to tempt Ronnie into hitting an actual Maximum Break.

We put the offer to Ronnie via the medium of Twitter is hoping the whopping prize – a cheeky £1,000 more than the total prize money for the tournament – is enough to tempt the Essex man to give fans the 147 they deserve.

And guess what! Ronnie took time out of practicing for future 146 breaks and got back to us!!

And he’s even going to give £11,000 of it to charity if it happens – so the Rocket ends up with £40,000 more than the £10,000 Barry ‘Deep pockets, shorts arms’ Hearn had planned to give him and a charity ends up with £11,000 more than the £0.00 they were going to get for a 147. Everybody wins. Kind of.

The generous gesture went down well with fans anyway. Or Eric Murphy at least:

Zara chipped in, somewhat highlight her lack of knowledge of the people who control the Paddy Power piggy bank

At least Bus is nice and enthusiastic:

Well played Wayne, well played.

What do you think?