NFL Week 11 recap – Chokeland Raiders, Carson Wentz and dodgy Bills QBs

A half-Peterman of takeaways from the weekend's gridiron...


It’s almost as if, no matter how much things change they always stay the same. The unpredictability of this sport is what keeps attracting more and more fans to its broadcasts.

However, week eleven of the NFL reminded us that, outside of Philly, the league retains some core values.

Here are three takeaways from Sunday’s action.

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Kill Bill – Volume 18

The Bills, for all their inadequacies, looked like they could genuinely sneak a wildcard spot. I mean, they still could, but they went to a 3-6 team and gave up the driving seat. Not only that, they also gave up fifty-four points in the process. In this particular part of LA, that’s hard to do.

Philip Rivers and co were one of only two teams that hadn’t put up thirty points in a game prior to the Bills coming to town. Well, they scratched their name off that list in spectacular fashion – notching five interceptions in the first half.

Buffalo has the not-so-proud record of being the NFL team with the longest playoff drought.

They’ve not seen a postseason since the eighth day of this century. Perhaps there’s an element of justice in it, as they benched Tyrod Taylor for sinister reasons – and probably ruined the career of Pitt prospect Nate Peterman in the process. This was ugly for the Bills – just as ugly as their franchise in general.

Chokeland Raiders

The saddest part about the Oakland story is that, unless you’re a Raiders fan, everyone else is laughing at your misery. This team looks like it has everything, bar one commanding linebacker and some depth at corner. These are things you can overcome, and they probably would have – last year.

Yet, here we are.

The Raiders look a bet to finish bottom of the AFC West despite being nearly everyone’s consensus pick. Mediocrity is infectious, and it sticks around. Even if you’ve got one of the best young quarterbacks in the game.

They don’t resemble the team they were last year, and an overhaul is required. Losing to the Patriots is no embarrassment, but to cough up thirty-three points, scoring only eight yourself – is very much the Oakland ways of old.

Fly Eagles Fly

The Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in football now. It’s not even close, either. Dallas, for all their cleverly-built lines on either side of the ball, were never in control in their grudge match against Philly. After a shaky enough start, the boat steadied, and the Eagles went to town.

They’re averaging thirty-two points a game on offence.

That leads the league. They lead the league in rushing yards, too. They did before bringing in Jay Ajayi. Wentz throws five touchdowns for every interception. This is a recipe for success. Not only that, but they’re leading the league in fewest rushing yards allowed, too.

Normally a team capitulates on one side of the ball, but this Philly squad look to have everything required to get past anyone in the NFC. A Vince Lombardi is coming home to Philadelphia in February.

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