Three possible locations for a Colin Kaepernick return to the NFL

Hints are being dropped that the controversial QB is about to put his pen to paper with a new team…


The powers that be may still be running with the ‘purely football’ argument, but as more and more signal callers are lost to injuries, it’s apparent that further exclusion of Colin Kaepernick reveals the true nature behind his unemployment in the NFL.

Kaepernick’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, stated on Tuesday that the former Nevada QB would be signed to an NFL team within ten days. This comes in the wake of the 30-year-old filed a collusion case against NFL owners three weeks ago.

We take a look at the teams that make the most sense for the former 49er.

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Arizona Cardinals

Just 700 miles away from the scene of Kaepernick’s college exploits lies Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals are having somewhat of a quarterback crisis themselves with Carson Palmer not returning in 2017, and the much-maligned Blaine Gabbert pencilled in as a starter.

Gabbert, ironically, struggled massively at the 49ers and has never looked a comfortable starting quarterback in the NFL. Drew Stanton, most famous for his bizarre dance a few years back, is best summed up by the source of his fame.

These Cardinals aren’t too far removed from being legitimate Super Bowl contenders. There’s an expectancy in Arizona for this team to produce given their talent levels.

Kaepernick may be the man to spark them back into life as he gets out of the pocket with ease – extending plays for a plethora of explosive receivers. He’d also have a reunion of sorts with Alex Boone, Mike Iupati and Andy Lee.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett is a terrific prospect and nobody can take it away from him. However, due to Andrew Luck’s persistent injuries, he’s now been placed on IR and won’t return this season. This puts a lot of pressure on a 23-year-old – too much pressure.

What the Colts need to do is find a serviceable quarterback, while protecting a player that likely see as the eventual face of this franchise. Luck’s days are probably numbered given his history, and there isn’t a member of the backroom staff not contemplating that.

Kaepernick is the ideal player to come in here, take some focus off a younger player that needs protection – while creating a stir in the local press and on the field. The Colts would be nationally lauded (in public) for the move, and it may reignite the interest in the team.

They badly need to fill seats in Lucas Oil Stadium. This is one way to do it. Scott Tolzien is the backup at the moment. He’s – well, he’s not good.

Seattle Seahawks

Let’s think about how Seattle play the game. They’re a zone-blocking run-first, power unit. They rely on a quarterback who can get out of the pocket, throw on the run – without relying too much on mid-range accuracy.

That’s effectively the job spec most suited to one Colin Rand Kaepernick.

What’s perhaps most interesting is the narrative that Kaepernick once considered the Seahawks his biggest rivals. You won’t need reminding of Richard Sherman’s post-game rant against Michal Crabtree, nor the various NFC West clashes the Niners and the Hawks contested while Kaepernick was in San Francisco.

He’d also be joining up with Michael Bennett – who continuously stands up for the Milwaukee native. Austin Davis is a current backup in Washington. You probably don’t know who he is. You’re not missing anything.

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