Watch: Micheal Bisping’s night ends very early in UFC Shanghai

It was lights out, see ya later for the Count.....


He’ll probably divide opinion, Micheal Bisping. While his fans would say he’s an incredibly talented, entertaining and gutsy fighter, his haters will say he’s just a complete knobend. Well it’s the latter that will be enjoying his latest outing at UFC Fight Night in Shanghai.

After losing in an thrilling contest to the legend that is George St.Pierre at UFC 217, he was so pissed that he took another fight just three weeks later – this time with Kelvin Gastelum, a man 12 years his junior.

Safe to say, it didn’t really go to plan for the Count. In fact, it really couldn’t have gone worse for Bizzers. He was snoozing on the canvas in less than three minutes. Check it out:

We’d also just like to give a shout out to ref Marc Goddard. After his new found fame from scrapping with McGregor at Bellator 187, he was posing for a selfie in the first round, when he realised what was happening and sprinted across the octagon. No harm done Marc, just a few more extra punches for Bisping. No complaints here mate.

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