Shane Lowry: It would be pretty cool if Bryson and Brooks are paired together this week

I think Phil's win at the PGA as well was up there with Tiger's win at Augusta in 2019.


Bryson and Brooks Rivalry


The rivalry between Brooks and Bryson has been there for a while, it’s nothing new. I remember something between them in 2019 in one of the playoff events. The two of them are getting a lot of coverage out of it but there are 150 golfers and 150 caddies out there every week. If you were in an office building with that amount of people there would probably be some people you like and some people you don’t like and that’s just the way it is. Just because they’re professional golfers there’s a lot made about it.

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 I think people are talking about it a lot and as a result, are talking about golf a lot so it’s not bad.

It would be interesting to see if they’re paired together this week, that would be pretty cool.

 I think the way Brooks is, he’s probably just doing it for a bit of a laugh. That’s the way he is. I don’t know Bryson at all so not sure on his side.

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Big Phil Mickelson


What Phil did at the PGA was unreal for golf. I think Phil’s win at the PGA was up there with Tiger’s win at Augusta in 2019.

At 51 years of age, nobody – I think – could have done that but Phil. 

 Can he do it this week? It will be very difficult. How many people win back-to-back majors? It’s his hometown and he has a lot of local knowledge so if he plays the golf he did at Kiawah he’ll give himself a big chance.


He drove the ball unbelievably well at Kiawah, especially down the stretch so if he continues to drive the ball well, with the best short game in the world no matter where he puts himself he can get himself up and down. 


We’ve all got a strength in our game and we’ve all got a weak point and if your weak point gets to a level where it’s pretty good that week, you’ll have a chance of winning a tournament. That’s the way top-level golf is. His driving at Kiawah was brilliant and that’s what gave him the chance to win.


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