Football’s back! So why not add some atmosphere with our AUTHENTIC soundboard!

Thankfully, the Premier League is back - but let's face it, artificial crowd noise is s**t.


The Greatest League in the World will soon be reintroducing itself to our collective consciousness. For many people that means the allure of goals, overhead kicks, pinpoint passing and, you know, high levels of technical proficiency. All that stuff.

One important thing is missing, though: the crowd. Lovely old Joe Public.

Sure, that won’t make much difference at places like the Emirates or the Etihad, which are generally about as rowdy as the quiet room at a Shaolin temple. But there’s something to be said for the presence of human beings rather than empty space in stadiums, which is presumably why the likes of Sky and BT are going out of their way to pump artificial “atmosphere” into your eardrums during matches.

Sadly, that’s an absolute load of bollocks, so we’ve decided to provide you with an alternative. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s far better than what the suits in Television Towers are offering.

After all, if you want the REAL Premier League atmosphere, you want middle-aged men bellowing furiously and elevating their blood pressure to near fatal levels every time a 19-year-old winger miscontrols a ball. You want people named Toby screaming “Tactical pygmy!” at a manager from behind the glass of their Club Level box. You want anger and disdain in equal quantities.

Yet you also want Limbs AOTS, wild #scenes and the sound of 50,000 people collectively losing their minds with joy.

That’s what the Barclays is all about on matchday. So that’s what we’re giving you. You’re welcome.

Just tap/click on one of the categories below and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of an authentic Premier League crowd. It’ll be different each time.


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