WATCH: You cheeky b*stard! Forward pulls off a four-in-a-row nutmeg

You would've thought after the third one that the defenders would keep their legs shut. Sadly for them, Montenegrin forward Fatos Beciraj was on a mission...


As everyone who’s had the misfortune to experience it will know, being nutmegged is one of the most humiliating things that can happen to you in football.

There’s little worse than that sinking feeling you get as the ball passes between your legs and you realise there’s no way to avoid looking like a complete mug.

Arguably, the science of the “panna” peaked many years ago, when Juan Roman Riquelme executed this stunning piece of insolence while playing for Boca:

But as far as we’re aware, the great Argentine never managed to nutmeg FOUR players in a row, unlike Maccabi Metanya’s Montenegrin striker Fatos Beciraj, who pulled off such a feat on Saturday in his side’s 1-1 draw with Hapoel Beer Sheva.

Amazing stuff from Beciraj, but at least his victims will have been able to empathise with one another in the aftermatch.

Watch the video, which first appeared on Reddit, below.

It’s grainy, but well worth it.

Close those legs next time, lads!

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