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Antonio Conte’s festive note to all Chelsea staff

The Italian shared some words of wisdom with his staff as Chelsea top the Premier League table...


According to the Daily Mail, A couple of days before the festive period, Chelsea gaffer Antonio Conte ensured all members of staff at Cobham training ground received a gift.

This is every member of staff, from the top through to the bottom. Assistant coaches, fitness staff, kitchen staff, cleaners. Everyone.

The Italian selected either a bottle of Prosecco or Barolo for each, which would be a great gesture in itself. But what particularly impressed them was the time he had taken to write an individual note for every recipient.

Conte chose to close the note with a quotation from military commander, Hannibal, who is famous today for leading his elephants over the Alps.

The quote the manager had chosen to inspire his staff read, “We will either find a way, or we will make one.”

A fitting quote as his team lead the charge for the Premier League trophy. They are currently 8/11 favourites to do the business and are unbeaten in 13 games.

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