The last time United fans got carried away by form they hired Ole – Paul Ince

Incey is also delighted to see Rashford flying again.


It meant more to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to win the game against Chelsea on Wednesday than it did for Frank Lampard – you could tell that from the off.

I know Frank would probably say that wasn’t the case, but when you look at the teams that were put out and what’s been going on at the club recently, you could see Ole needed the win.

What a way to win the game for Marcus Rashford. He is a player who I truly feel deserved that free-kick. I’m so pleased for him, because I’ve spoken about what a tough time he’s had, and it was obvious his confidence was rock-bottom.

It seems to be improving, and the goals at Stamford Bridge are the exact kind of boost he needed.

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When Rashford is confident, he’s a top player and he’s been receiving too much abuse for his recent performances. He’s still such a young player. When he got ready to take the freekick, I couldn’t believe he was having a go from there, but honestly – two keepers wouldn’t have saved that!

The sole responsibility of scoring goals fell on him recently, and at times it felt as though he was being blamed for the results of the team in general. That can really weigh a player down and it’s only normal that a kid of his age will have dips in form and confidence.

You’re always going to be questioned when you sign a contract for such a big amount of money, but it’s good he could prove doubters wrong.

It’s important that people don’t get carried away now that United have had three decent results.

Every loss for them is magnified because they’ve had such a tough spell. Every single detail gets ripped apart, their team and their manager. However, when they win, people think it’s a huge turnaround. Nothing is saved yet.

One of the games they’ve won was against a Norwich side who have just come up and the other was a Carabao Cup game against a young Chelsea side. You can be positive that it’s such a huge boost for fans and players, but let’s not get carried away.

Last time everyone got carried away, Ole ended up being appointed the manager!

They still need to string some decent wins and get a good run together in the Premier League. They need to try and claw back into the Champions League spots before we can even start to get excited.

Scott McTominay has been the shining light of Man United’s team this season, especially in terms of consistency. He seems like such an experienced player for someone so young – he does all of the basics well.

He doesn’t do anything exciting, but he just nails the basics. He’s the most consistent performer in the team.


I’d like to see him in the box more, but that’ll come in time. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Paul Pogba is back.

It feels like Ole has a settled midfield to me now – even Fred looks to be growing in confidence all the time and he’s been lambasted since he’s been at United, but now he seems to be showing us a bit more.

Is he the level you expect for a United player? No.

But is he improving and could get to that kind of level? He may well do.

I’m looking to see more from him, but at least now he’s improving now that he’s getting consistent game time.

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