3 more realistic shouts than Mourinho to be the next Celtic boss

Surely Jose isn’t heading north, is he? Dom Gall doesn’t think so and he’s given us a trio he feels are in with more of a shout to takeover at Celtic Park.


So, we’ve all heard the rumour. Jose Mourinho is headed to Paradise! Or is he?

A reliable source from Italy – known for being reliable and the first to highlight Gerrard’s move to Rangers – has shared the news that Celtic have placed an offer on the table for Jose Mourinho.

There’s no knowledge on what that offer is, however, and it’s been widely pointed out that he doesn’t have to accept it. Maybe I’ll DM Megan Markle just to let her know I’m here if things don’t work out with Harry…

You can see why it makes sense though, he likes to win trophies and they wouldn’t come much easier than this for him. It would also add another country to his conquered list. I don’t even need to tell you why it would make sense for Celtic, it’ll be the signing of the century if they pull it off.

If they don’t, here are three more realistic alternatives:

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1. Rod Stewart

A man who knows the club inside and out, he’s also a big name on the global stage. Well respected by all at the club and a fan favourite. He ticks a lot of the positive boxes and we all know the trophy-winning parties would be taken to the next level.

The only negative I can see is he’s not technically a football manager, but with the gulf in class between Celtic and their opponents does that actually matter?

2. Walter Smith

The ‘been there done that’ candidate. He’s Scottish, knows what it takes to win trophies at the highest level and is experienced in punching above his weight in European competition. Smith’s list of Scottish honours includes three league titles, two Scottish Cups and three league cups.

There’s no doubt the man could easily lead Celtic to the quadruple-treble.

Of course, no appointment is perfect and the flaw here would be Walter’s status as one of the greatest Rangers managers of all time, alongside names such as Bill Struth and Jock Wallace.

I imagine he’d rather spend the rest of his days in prison than the Parkhead dugout, but no harm in asking.

3. Johnny Harvey

It wouldn’t hurt Celtic to take a look at the current list of available SPFL managers and of course, no list of managerial candidates is complete without considering at least one young gun either. A young manager still in his 30s, Harvey is arguably very similar to a young Jose Mourinho. Confident, full of words of wisdom for the press, a ginormous ego and available following a recent sacking.

I’m sure this would be the choice of Celtic’s media department too, as anyone who has watched Berwick’s post-match interviews would know. Ample golden content available here.

The down side? With a win percentage of just 16.67%, Harvey is arguably the worst manager in the history of the worst team in the SPFL. This would be an interesting experiment for us all to see just how hard it would be for Celtic to throw away nine in a row next season.

Come on Celtic, do it. I double dare you.

I could go on all day with more options, I’ve not even touched on the pros and cons of the Partick Thistle mascot or Conor McGregor. I think one thing is for sure, anything’s more likely than the Special One appearing in Glasgow any time soon.

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