Ince: Mo Salah would be making a mistake if he left Liverpool – he should stay and win the champions league

The former Liverpool midfielder says Salah would be foolish to leave Liverpool right now, but also that it's too early to compare him to Messi...


Mohamed Salah would be foolish to leave Liverpool right now. He’s in a place which is the perfect fit for him.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always going to be tough when the big boys come calling. It’s hard to ignore Real Madrid or Barcelona – as we saw with Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez. But I believe Salah should sit tight.

There’s a lot of progression at Liverpool, they’re slowly but surely evolving. Creeping up the table, and doing fantastically in the Champions League.

If Salah sits tight and enjoys the ride, he could find himself on a trophy-winning team next season, where he would be the star man.

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You’ve seen how poorly Alexis Sanchez has handled the transition to Man United, or even Paul Pogba’s return. It can be a real struggle for some players to handle the move.

It’s a credit to Salah how easy he’s made the switch look, but moving to a so-called ‘bigger club’ might not be what he had in mind.

Next year, if he’s at the club, I can guarantee he won’t be a one-season wonder.

We’ve seen that plenty of times, but he’s a real rare talent. Liverpool will be in Europe again; they’ll have some new additions in the team and he will easily net 30 goals.

He’s only 25-years-old, he still has plenty of time. He must be enjoying his football, and he’s at a club which have a very good team and manager, and will allow him to play exactly how he wants. He could end up regretting throwing that away, and potentially being sat on another team’s bench.
Salah shouldn’t be compared to Messi – yet.

I have seen a lot of discussion though, comparing him to Lionel Messi or saying he’s on the same level as a Liverpool legend. You just can’t go around saying that yet.

It’s only been a season, but if he proves he’s at this level consistently for another couple of years, then you can start to say it. He’s had a phenomenal season, but to be one of Anfield’s best ever, you need to keep re-producing that form.

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