Paul Ince: Liverpool don’t know what they’re doing under Klopp – and something seriously needs to be done

The former Liverpool midfielder questions why Jurgen Klopp hasn’t cracked the defensive conundrum at Anfield, urging him to work less on his philosophy, and more on his backline.



Liverpool are very Jekyll and Hyde at the minute. Each performance, you’re not sure what you’re going to get.

Against Man United, there was no point where they looked like conceding – Liverpool looked the bigger threat and should’ve won.

Then, heading to Tottenham, you’d think the big Wembley pitch would suit Liverpool. Yet, for some reason, Jurgen Klopp had them playing in completely different tactics.

They didn’t press high, they sat back and essentially allowed Spurs to get into their stride.

In the teams that I played in at Liverpool, whether it was home or away, we always went out to try and attack teams and, most importantly, go and win the game. We always knew what was expected of us, but I’m not sure Klopp’s players do.

Playing at Wembley should have been the ideal opportunity for their players to go for it and silence a few doubters. The fans wanted to see them play some of that attacking football we all like to see them play, using some of the fantastic attacking players they have.

But, instead, Klopp seemed to direct them to do the exact opposite, which is something Mourinho always gets criticism for, but Klopp didn’t get any.


Against Tottenham, Dejan Lovren was responsible for the first goal, no one seemed to mention Simon Mignolet who was making mistakes all game. The errors their defenders keep making just can’t keep happening in a Liverpool team.

There honestly was not one player on that pitch at Wembley in a Liverpool shirt that I could say actually did his job well. They were so good against the top teams last season, but they are a disappointment at the minute.

I would never normally be one to harp on about the obvious issues in Liverpool’s defence, but something seriously needs to be done. They need protection, I was listening to Klopp going on about his philosophy with attacking with six players.

I understand and respect that, but you’ve still got to address the issues at the back. You’ve got to give those players protection, because teams are playing them and knowing they can exploit that weakness.

If we’re being totally honest, it could have been six or seven goals for Spurs last week. And how does Klopp not see how alarming that is?


I hate to say this, having played for Liverpool, but their title hopes are completely over this season.

It’s time to be realistic and admit that any hopes they had of winning the league are over.

My advice to Klopp would be that it’s okay to play attacking football, but you’ve also got to think about the other end of the pitch.

He needs to find a consistent back four that works, and he needs to get them out on the training pitch and just keep drilling it into them. That’s what I’d be doing.

Maybe it’s time to give Danny Ward a chance, too. He was excellent at Huddersfield last year when they were promoted, yet he’s not had a look in. Karius and Mignolet aren’t giving their greatest performances, so why not?

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