Wrapped up like a Christmas gift! History backs Chelsea to claim title

Conte’s men can stick on the celebratory festive pudding if the stats are to be believed

It seems all is calm and all is bright if you’re Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, top at Christmas and a Blues firing on all cylinders.

Chelsea look to have found a third wise man to join Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti in taking their fans to the promised land once more.

Those two remain the only managers of the Blues to claim the Premier League and one fact that they had in common on the road to those four title wins was Chelsea were top at Christmas in each of those seasons.

But has that been a good indicator historically as to who’ll claim the crown in May? We’ve had a look.

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Firstly, lets stay with this season’s leaders, as mentioned Chelsea were top at Christmas in the 04/05, 05/06, 09/10 and 14/15 campaigns. They’ve never failed to capture the Premier League after that and are favourites to repeat the feat this season.

But, what about the entire Premier League era?

Well, over the past 24 seasons since the competition was born (like Jesus in a manger) you have about as much chance of correctly predicting a coin flip as winning the Premier League if you are top of the shop on Christmas Day.

That’s right 50% – only 12 teams have gone on to win it all after leading the league on the day you were unwrapping that Furby!

However, since Chelsea won their first title in the 04/05 season only three teams have failed to lift the Premier League trophy if they were in pole position at Xmas in the 12 completed campaigns since. Liverpool fans might want to use a ‘bah humbug’ here!

Unfortunately for The Reds, they’re responsible for two of those three occasions – in 08/09 and 13/14, finishing runner-up on both occasions. Arsenal were the other side in 07/08.

Although in better reading for Gunners supporters their three Premier League winning seasons came when they trailed a team topping the league on Christmas Day. A fourth repeat of that in May comes in at .

They won’t be doing it again this year, but even Leicester’s star couldn’t be removed from the top of the Premier League tree last season when they were placed there on December 25, so the stars seem to be aligning for Conte’s outfit.

Of the other challengers to this year’s title Man City come in at , Liverpool are and Manchester United are out with the shepherds at .

It may not be the festive miracle you’re hoping for, but Chelsea are the safest bet for your Christmas money. So it looks like we’ll have a Merry Terry in May!

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