Didi Hamann: Manchester United’s players are letting the fans down

Despite a win over fierce rivals Manchester City in the EFL Cup, Didi Hamann still thinks the Manchester United players need to change their attitude

Swapping shirts with the opposition isn’t a problem, but if I got beat 4-0 the last thing I would be thinking about doing is having a laugh with somebody!

It’s just unacceptable for Manchester United players to be smiling and joking on the pitch at full-time after losing away to Chelsea last week. It’s unacceptable at any club for that matter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s United or West Brom, after a result like that you don’t want to see your players laughing on the pitch.

You have got to think about the away fans that made the long journey down there and have to make their way back home. They’re looking at the players laughing and joking with each other, and they have just been battered 4-0 by one of their rivals for the title. The team are letting their supporters down in a big way.

It’s something for Jose Mourinho has to deal with. He needs to take one or two of the players to one side and remind them of the great responsibilities that come with playing for Manchester United. There’s millions and millions of fans watching all over the world who are already disappointed with the performance and the last thing they need is to see players on the pitch having a laugh.

Mourinho is in trouble, no doubt about it. It’s not just the result at Chelsea that was the issue, it was the level of the performance from his team at Stamford Bridge. They are in a spot of bother because they don’t look like a settled team yet and Jose still doesn’t know his best starting XI. You can criticise the players to a certain extent, but there’s just a lot of negativity around the club which they have brought on themselves. It will be an interesting few weeks for United – and although they should beat Burnley at Old Trafford on Saturday, defeat would put enormous pressure on the manager.

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