Floyd Mayweather awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom for slapping Jake Paul

'Money' Mayweather is the true hero we need right now.


Joe Biden has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the nation’s highest civilian honour – to Floyd Mayweather for slapping around YouTube thing Jake Paul.

The staged incident occurred at a media event promoting Mayweather’s latest degrading exhibition fight against Jake’s older, but no less irritating, brother Logan at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on June 6.

The multi-weight world champion shared a face-off with Logan after the YouTuber agreed to have the sh*t beat out of him for an obscene amount of cash next month.

Afterwards Jake confronted Mayweather in front of the cameras and the pair exchanged a tirade of cringe-inducing insults.

Then, much to the ‘astonishment’ of all those involved in the choreographed stunt, the younger Paul brother ripped a baseball cap off the 44-year-old’s tiny head.

‘Gotcha cap’, yelped the grown man, before his ill-fated getaway and subsequent beating at the hands of Mayweather and his 30-strong entourage.

After footage of the incident appeared online, Mayweather was summoned to the White House where President Biden bestowed upon him the Medal of Freedom during a private ceremony.

“This medal recognises those who have made an especially meritorious contribution to the national interests of the United States, significant public endeavours or in this case, slapping the sh*t out of one of the most irritating b*stards on the planet,” Biden told Paddy Power News.


“I’d be lying my ass off if I said I hadn’t fantasised about slapping those Paul brothers silly myself,” confessed the 78-year-old.

God bless you, Floyd. You did everyone proud.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is recovering well in a Cleveland hospital after a complicated four-hour procedure to have Floyd Mayweather’s baseball cap surgically removed from his anus.

“We managed to remove around 90% of the cap from Mr Paul’s rear cavity,” Dr Steph O’ Scope, head of Cleveland Clinic’s Specialist Drama Unit told PPN.



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