WATCH: Conor McGregor’s cutman says the Irishman’s camp are looking at boxing in a different light

Tommy McCormack thinks the debutant is a phenomenon...


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It’s now just days until Conor McGregor makes his professional boxing debut against one of the world’s best boxers, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The fight’s very existence shocked the sports world to its core, and Tommy McCormack – McGregor’s official cutman for the showdown – believes that the UFC lightweight champion can amaze observers once again this weekend.

Appearing on the Obviously Fight Talk show, McCormack – who is a prolific combat sports cutman in Ireland and something of a new face in the Notorious camp – praised McGregor’s preparation for the Mayweather contest.

“I’ve watched the guy take in so much knowledge, so much boxing in the 9-10 weeks I’ve been around him,” he said.

“Every time I see him he looks like a different fighter. He’s faster, he’s quicker; and he’s throwing different shots, he sees different openings. The guy is phenomenal. He really is phenomenal, and you have to be around it to see it.”

McCormack, who comes from a traditional boxing background, explained how the McGregor fight-camp looked strikingly different than how he imagined a boxing fight-camp should look – but not in a negative way.

“I know I had, probably, my own ideas of what I expected a boxing camp to be like. But those were my ideas of a boxing camp,” he said. “There’s stuff that I’m going to be bringing back to my boxing club. There’s stuff that I’m going to be getting the kids to do. They haven’t infringed the rules. They may be looking at boxing in a different light, and maybe we’re are going to see something special on Saturday night.”

McCormack then turned his attention to the Mayweather camp, urging people not to read into the American’s apparent lack of preparation. He also moved to warn against expectations of a traditional boxing contest.

“Mayweather put out in his Access All Areas feature on Showtime that he’s taking it handy, and he’s out roller-skating with the kids – that’s not the truth,” he stated.

“We’re out here. We know what’s going on. We see what’s going on. They’re working hard. This is the real deal.

“Don’t treat it as a traditional boxing match. This is a fight. This is two guys going to fight. They’re only allowed to hit each other with their hands, but they will fight.”

Despite Saturday’s mega-fight serving as McGregor’s first taste of a professional boxing match, McCormack was quick to warn people who believe that McGregor’s lack of experience will be the difference, explaining that McGregor has had 30-40 12-round fights in the gym leading in and that he’s going in with ‘good knowledge’.

Confidence is often key in combat sports. It’s clear that McGregor has earned his team’s confidence through his weeks-long preparation, with McCormack certainly personifying that via one final jab at Mayweather.

“I was asked about looking after cuts and stuff over here in a couple of interviews, and I said ‘look, if it happens, I will have no problems fixing Floyd’s cuts after the fight’.”

Tommy McCormack was speaking to the lads at Obviously Fight Talk. Make sure to check them out on Twitter here, and have a gander at the full show – including the above interview – on their YouTube channel.

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