Watch: NBA star falls into crowd but still makes it back up for slam dunk

Kawhi Leonard fell into a courtside seat when stealing the ball, but somehow made it back on his feet quick enough to finish the same move with a score...


That’s what I think Americans would call “showing some hustle”.

Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors could’ve just sat back, literally, when he fell into the front row of seats at the Barclays Center last night after stealing the ball for his team, but you don’t get talked about as the NBA’s most valuable player for sticking your feet up when you do something good.

Instead, the 27-year-old was straight back on his feet and finishing the move he’d started with a stonking slam that wouldn’t have been out of place in the WWE ring.

No picking up the chairs or trashcans mind…

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We haven’t seen someone get out of a bench seat as fast since Maurizio Sarri saw a particuarly tasty looking cigarette butt.

The former Spur (San Antonio, not Tottenham) looks to be melting the Canadian team’s flaky reputation since moving north in the summer.

They lead the NBA standings at the moment thanks to Leonard’s play, even though his extra effort was in vain last night, as the Nets nicked this game by a single point in overtime, 106-105.

Must try harder Kawhi.’s odds are a slam dunk

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