Euro Super League: Sheikh Mansour to cover all fines with pocket change ​

Very generous of him


Following news that the six Premier League clubs involved in launching a European Super League are to be fined £3.5 million each, Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour, has offered to cover the cost for him and his owner buddies.

In what appears to be a staggering act of generosity, but is actually a tiny gesture for somebody so insanely wealthy, Paddy Power News understands that Mansour had exactly £22 million of loose change in his pocket when he found out about the fine, so told his crew of cronies that this one was on him.

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“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” said an onlooker who witnessed the low-key exchange between the men in Costa Coffee.

“Sheikh Mansour was sat at a table having a laugh and a joke with Joel Glazer, Roman Abramovic, Daniel Levy, Stan Kroenke and John Henry when he received a Sky News alert on his phone detailing the £22 million fine.

“Needless to say, he checked his coat pocket and had exactly the right amount on him, so told his pals he’d be happy to cover it on this occasion without breaking a sweat.”

“It even looked like he tipped the Barista fifteen grand for making their drinks.”

Paddy Power News managed to speak to the barista who served the group, to get a better understanding of what went on.

“They seemed like regular Costa douchebags if I’m honest, ordering Chai lattes, skinny wet frappuccinos, caramel cortados, and chatting absolute sh*t to each other,” she told us.

“However, when the little bald one refused to tip me and tried to haggle on the price of his Earl Grey, the others absolutely wrecked him for being a tight git and went in hard about how they couldn’t even believe he’d been involved in the ESL in the first place.

“That was when the leader of the group gave me fifteen grand for my troubles.”

With the English clubs seemingly getting away with murder, attention has turned to the Spanish giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who, if rumours are to be believed, have flat out refused to officially exit the European Super League, suggesting they still want to continue with the competition as a two-team tournament.

Unhappy with Atletico winning La Liga, both Barcelona and Real are believed to want to rebrand the European Super League as the “El Classico League” and play each other 38 times a season. BeIN Sports are said to be ready to purchase the TV rights for this, much to the joy of Richard Keys.


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