Why Brendan Rodgers and Leicester City are perfect for each other

Brendan Rodgers has turned Scotland into a doddle, so it’s time for him to return to the Premier League and test himself with Leicester City…


The sacking of Claude Puel is exactly like every other dismissal in this situation – short-sighted – but The Foxes they need to bring in Brendan Rodgers now.

Leicester City are in a peculiar position as a football club. They’ve recently won a Premier League and the expectations at the club take some serious contemplation.

One thing they have to remember is that their level of investment will always be, or at least usually, in line with their league position.

That eliminates the top six.

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Everton spent an absolute fortune and they’re just a point behind them. The decision to get rid of Puel is down to panic; that they’re too close to the relegation zone and it’s not where they picture themselves in that idyllic vision that football administrations like to conjure up out of thin air.

Realistically, there’s five clubs between them and the dropzone. One of them is Cardiff City. Let’s all take a breather and think rationally.

Puel’s football may not be great. The results aren’t superb, but they weren’t last year either, before a late flurry saw them finish ninth. Leicester fans might not like hearing this – but ninth is just about where they should be.

Given the emotional turmoil that has engulfed Leicester City this year, it feels almost unfair to take a job off anyone given the naturally indifferent performances that have been produced after the tragic death of their owner.

That’s not an excuse – it’s a logical conclusion to write off the season as little more than a year where football really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. If you wish to make that decision after the season is done for the betterment of the club, so be it.

But what’s done is done now – and if Leicester can’t challenge for that taste of Europe they were teased with, they should select an identity over instant results.

Brendan Rodgers is the perfect candidate for this role now.

From both ends, this works. Leicester won’t attract a better CV given the squad is relatively average and Rodgers, regardless of what he does at Celtic, will just be seen as doing the job expected of him.

Rodgers will always be tarred by the idea that he failed at Liverpool. So far, he’s achieved more than Jurgen Klopp has at Liverpool domestically. People forget that, or they like to pass it off as simply riding on the back of Luis Suarez.

That’s simply not true.

Suarez is indeed one of the best players to ever grace the Premier League, but the passages of play that Liverpool carried out, even without him, were evidently meticulously rehearsed on the training ground.

Rodgers brings expectations of good football; of exciting football.

For the most part, at Celtic, any manager can be carried as far as the will of the players brings them. That’s the honest truth of the SPL. And while motivation is a manager’s job, a manager’s motivation is to win trophies.

A player’s motivation while playing in Scotland is to get a move to England or further afield, not to retain the same trophy that the club has won year after year. It’s about time people realised what Brendan Rodgers brings to the table.

In the immediate future, what he would bring to Leicester’s table is an identity that they’ve been searching for now since they left Premier League triumph behind them.

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