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Stevie G Retirement: Vote for your favourite Steven Gerrard moment

He played 710 games for Liverpool and 114 for England, and scored 147 goals. What were Steven Gerrard's best moments?

This week 18 years ago no one had ever heard of Steven Gerrard. He made his debut for Liverpool against Blackburn on November 29th 1998 and it did not take long after that for people to sit up a take notice of the skinny teenager.

He is arguably Liverpool’s greatest ever player having lead them to five domestic trophies, a UEFA Cup win and most notably a Champions League trophy in 2005. Although a league title eluded him, the Liverpool born midfielder did create some brilliant moments for fans to remember. From Istanbul to the Fa Cup Final volley against West Ham, we’ve selected our favourite Gerrard moments here. Vote for the best below.

What is next for Stevie G?

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